Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Oh Lover

In how many incarnations have we met?
So many dances we have whirled; Our bed never made.
Enterwinded as vapor trails, ember swirls engulf the valted blue.

All that I have, without selfish possession, I give to you, unrestrained.
This moment, forever, and a moment forever gone, it is for you I long.
I still remember the name of your perfume, your voice and lips.

Worlds so differnt floating in space; Gravitation a force of passion.
Limited by time, I can only hope our actions were pure. They felt as so.
The adventurous journeys upon and within your frontiers left me breathless.

Oh Lover, so merry we met, and I dreaded the parting.
Water does strange things to the paper-esque mask of fronting.
Without desperation, but with sincere wanting, I have thought good thoughts of you.

This bed now empty...is not the same as your hands. The way you spoke to me, warmed the cold tinge from the exterior of my mineral tomb. If there was ever proof of the ability of words to give life, I lived it once.

Oh Lover, my lover, how I so loved you.
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