Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Modern Goth Blog and Media Problems

Modern Goth Blogs are every-bit the commercial nightmare that many in the subculture have grown to dislike. I will be the first "guy" to say that a majority of the only legitimate Goth writers -and bloggers- are "girls/ladies." As far as guy writers, well, they are how do we say "effeminate" and are comparably similar to the ladies who write. No offense.

Instead of any blogs cutting new territory, they churn the same hollowed ground, post in and out. The only claim I can make of being any different is not being another Gothic: craft blog, fashion blog, music critique blog, etiquette blog -most of the psuedo-goth-crap floating all over the "Gothos-Sphere." However, I do write about those things from time to time, but not as a means to an end, or, to prove knowledge, culture, internet fame or whatever.

Don't get me wrong, I support my expressions and culture as much as they return the favor. The truth of the matter like any other modern culture, "The reality is Goths don't support Goths. What they pay attention to and put forward is usually how they want to be perceived. That, or trying to keep up their 'online-Gothic-famous-internet-cred,' or some stupid shit like that. Or, money truth be known."

One false reason and justification at a time to prove who is or isn't Goth. Womp womp.

And no, neither New York, nor California, nor Paris, nor Tokyo, nor Britain are the "Gothic centers of the world." Truth be known, "They never were. History alone proves that much. Irrefutable proof."

I have to admit that I search far and wide for what is different in Goth culture that isn't "more of the same." Also, I am not saying that forgetting the past, or ignoring the present culture is entirely right either. Unless anyone is daring to do something new, without mainstream or commercial over-tones, then what's really going on?

The news media, the movies, and television still play the same tropped-out stereotypes of goth as being: trashy, fucked-up, losers, white-idiot-trailer-trash, social deviants, over sexualized perverts, and worthless degenerates.

The sad fact of the matter is that for some reason ninety-percent of all Goth-Culture completely endorses and supports such justifications. Heck, most modern day Goths, Stars, and Celebrities enjoy the blasphemous walk and expression of public shame.

If that is the type of fucking high and attention you want(?), then, what the fuck is really going on?

Often, I wonder -as a Goth- if "this is REALLY what it is all presently about(?)," - the Gothic future looks pretty fucked up, if simply non-existent or in some other bastardized form of crap.
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