Friday, November 18, 2016

Visions Nov 12, 2016

Visions Nov 12, 2016

Yesterday, while flipping through a dictionary, several words stood out and clearly caught my attention. Might write more about the rest of the words in other posts.

Only one was of curiosity to me: “Gate”.  The first appearance was yesterday around 5 P.M. or mid-evening. Today, it occurred around 2 P.M., with flashes on and off. It was hard to conduct my daily meditations. I have to meditate often as my “empathic” abilities get the best of me at times. Depending on who I am around or what I am exposed to; Like a Psychic Sponge I soak up everything. I admit, it hurts. It hurts more than you can imagine when ninety-nine out of a hundred everyday people you come in contact  with are dripping with evil in some form or another.

There aren’t enough pop-bubble-gum-bullshit songs in the world to make me smile. Even if there were, what one song-like-lie would be good enough to cure the reality of a real life lie? Chew-on my friends, chew-on.

There are times when I see patterns in life, in literature, the Death Box (Television) that jump out at me as I know I will see them again. Not just because of the redundancy of this world, but, that happens to be the way “I see things.” And no, I’m not crazy (well, maybe a little). And no, I’m not on anything. I’m completely sober. Though I have to admit it would be nice to smoke a joint and drink a beer every now and again. But, I don’t do anything these days as it is way to easy to get into trouble for anything in America -including wiping your ass the wrong way. No shit.

Politically Correct Good-Guy Badge Zombies are on the march and their eyes are everywhere. They have already set up the “New American Concentration Camps” here and await the day they decide to herd us up.

If I allow my mind to drift while concentrating on what comes to me, I can “auto-write”. Here is what I wrote after my last insight. There is so much here, and, in this case it does not look good. Funny to think if my life were on “auto-pilot” and I constantly “auto-wrote” who would need or read a New York best seller? But, I’m not an “English Nazi” and have no Mastery of the English language. I’m pretty sure much of what I write isn’t read, or, is thought to be completely worthless and crazy to most. That’s how the chips fall I guess. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky “posthumously.” I don’t know as most of the “creative people” I really like are either “dead or dying” so it all works out, ha.

Rolling thoughts of talking heads
Pagans walk as all false religion is clearly seen for what is it: control
Natives at war, their Elders were right, we loved neither ourselves nor the world
Too many pipes and wells, burning before they were created in and with blood
Searching for peace, gods of old killing us, wanting to live without thought programming us
1-3-6-0-3-11-4-9-11, these numbers, amongst piles of orders to kill all liberty
Too many contrived false Holidays of Death programming all with precision
To many people speaking with expectation of being heard
Those who seek change and reform battle the same stream as those wanting things to stay the same
A shadow from the void, from space, our lights do not defy gravity
Blood, wheat, oil - stock becomes what is always been - nothing
A desperate move, a leader of hope dies, all role models die
The empty throne, the she archetype speaks again
The people submit, an Order of New rules all
America -Empire of Death, the Watchers are not Heros, Heros sacrificed for nothing
Control begets suffering, suffering begets Dependence, Dependence begets Death
They plan to kill many, save only the ones they favor, elite DNA caste systems
All world leaders incompetent to lead, yet competent to their egos demand
An Act National is no Defense, yet a promissory note of selective Death birthing globalism
Delivering that same Death from a distance, so personal, the hive collective diseased obeys
Political Excuses riddled with Digital lies, here comes damnation one byte at a key stroke
Go ahead and push the button, that is how you live and fated us all to die
Governments decide who to keep and who to discard
Social networks decide who to keep and who to discard
Societies decide who to keep and who to discard
People decide who to keep and who to discard
Yourself, do you keep or discard?
All of my life, the Outsider…always discarded
Billions now discarded,…we are all Outsiders
Creating the new future death wars one science experiment at a time
They can’t build caves underground or temporary star-ships fast enough
Soldiers of chips and metal, machines motion the fatal stroke
Scientist stupid and giddy playing God in shadows and secrets
Artificial Intelligence gets smarter and smarter, we get stupider than stupid
It will be a Trident Nuclear, not an Arrow from Cupid
Upon the backs of attention and money whores, drunk with blood
The hour falls, they call it desolation, Democracy became a fecal psychological blot
At the same time, everyone casts their egotistical unholy self-centered lot
Six Strings of News Cabals pulled by One governmental string, listen to liars sing
The is no more ball and chain, just an infinite Nuclear fire ring
Round tables of talking media idiots
Round tables of talking political fools
Round tables empty, where families used to be
We the viewers of reality used like tools
Entertainment Circus, 3 Rings of Death, Programming Pacification Escapism
Ism has now become ISM, sex violence murder non-stop televised media schism
Star radioactive sprinkles, star power is false power, a multitude of fools for every imagining
The center of the world is not Holly Wood, New York, or even Washington D.C.
The center of the world is the creation of destruction, and the destruction of creation
Our Ego has become the center, we do not see hear or acknowledge anything else
Media chatters endless mantras of killing, death, and the message that we destroy each other
Billions of Monkey-see and Monkey-do, everyone get your social media gun to do
When they say they will inform and help, really they mean to kill you
Thrill you with another video and sound bite -reality, far out of sight
My other eye, the Gates open
Poverty class doesn’t care anymore they start Dopen
The living kaleidoscope in my vision is red
As if I lived my visionless life dead
Pseudo-intellectuals like witch doctor psychologists fall from their imaginary shadow ivory tower
We use misdirection on ourselves with digital electronic machine voo-doo power
Those who sell what they know for face-time know nothing at all
I have never had any peace or grace, all I’ve known is the forever fall
Words from Media and Ignorant Leaders becomes Cynically Iconoclastic to the heart of People
If I got to say my words and speak crazy and act out on SNL, they’d lock me up inferno jail
When we are dead, we will watch ourselves in horror re-runs, eternal media hell
We have taught ourselves to only listen to ourselves
We have taught ourselves to only see ourselves
He hopes to be given Oath and Keys to the KingDom
He receives the accomplishment of final exit
The illusion of World-Unity is drowned by countless egos in world-empty loneliness
We can’t see ourselves for the vanity of skin-bags and flesh-leaves
World Chaos explodes, tip toe across the foundation moment by moment erodes
The dirt cries, “Welcome!” in our demonic faces, all media judges kill our life cases, explodes
Earth dust floats suspended in space a time continuum, mental overload head delirium
The surface of multiple pieces unanimated, legalize death patriotism open-ended sedated
Watching from Aether space I can not think, “It should not have happened. Perhaps, … we should have not happened.”