Friday, December 9, 2016

Mind Re-programming - A positive step

“The human-mind experience is the most programmable experience of all.”

“Healing is best given and received without stereotype, stigma, burden labeled, or expectation”

“Unity is well-found without pain caused by separation through division and objectification.”

My intention with writing this is to share what has helped me with hopes it will help others. The world is in a crazy place at the moment and many people need help. Whatever bias or bad English I express here, I hope you will excuse me and get the basic “gist” of what I’m attempting to express.

I seek no benefit for sharing. If any of this helps you, please share it with others. I give this work as a sacrifice and labor of love. All I did was read a book and thought it would be nice to share with others. The book I have read is called “Handbook to Higher Consciousness”.

Yes, I know the title may seem a little bit strange but, I think the basic ideas might be really good for people considering all that is going on. It’s not so much a “new age book” as it is “good medicine.” And, medicine generally only works if you take it.

The abbreviation used in this article, “H.T.H.C.”, refers to the book: “Handbook to Higher Consciousness”

The world, life-forms, people, and our lives and perceptions are one awesome feedback system. At one time, I didn’t believe it. After studying some metaphysics, physics, and science -the theory of an interconnected, dynamic system because more than plausible. With more time and experience, I eventually “realized” that it was true. Matter of fact, I am still amazed at all of it.

Whatever we experience, put into, or take away from has “cause and effect.” It is more than the standard understanding of “karma” or other religious connotations. It is apart of the very existence of life and energy. In living and learning I have experienced stressors that have confused me or led me astray.

It is harder to “learn truths” more-so than it is “to directly experience truth.”

I admit that I struggle with many forms of “negativity.”  As much as I try to escape negativity it seems to be everywhere, in everyone, and everything. As far as I know this is just the way it is. So, every once in a while I find something that helps me deal -even if it is only in my head. Most of the time it is a second-hand, cheap used book.

Reading, writing, and creating are the types of “preferred therapy” I apply towards improving myself and coping. Matter of fact, as I sit in my cold, small room with a few piles of books, although I have nothing and am alone, I am contentedly working on myself with what I have. Since I deal with negativity on almost a daily basis, working on myself and my issues is a never-ending battle.

It is also difficult to heal and make progress when people are having serious negative issues around you. The people you are around and have various relationships with are the difference between health and sickness. As simple as it sounds, “If you are around sick people, you will get sick. If you are around healthy people then, it becomes kind of easier to heal various issues.” Our health is an all-encompassing state of being. Health is more than the physical; Health is mental health, energy health, and life existing health.

In no way what so ever am I labeling myself a “victim.” However, I am proactively taking stronger responsibility for my life, health, and well-being. Since I have no real life so to speak, it is the least I can do.

Perhaps one day I will crawl up out of this pit and see the light of day if I am lucky to still be alive. None the less, for now I will have to be my own light in the recesses of this bone-chilling, pitch-black, lifelessly-empty pit. I do admit to generous amounts of humble self-deprecation that I need to work on too.

It takes a long time to heal and get better. This journey in life seems to require constant regeneration in order to make it. The healing process can become harder and take longer when your resources are limited. At times, your life can be complicated by other people who are sick in one way or another. Ironically, you can find strength where you thought you had none. We are all “weak and powerless” at times in life. It is up to us to change. No one said it would ever be easy “Riding the Dragon of Life.”

I try to separate myself from people who are seriously toxic. It is not easy. There are times I have to catch myself and stop the negative energy I have been exposed to. These days it seems common practice for anyone to exercise evil or negativity without regards to oneself or others. I’m guilty of doing this. The more I grow in my “awareness and clear-thinking,” I’m slowly making progress.

It takes a super-human amount of strength to resist negativity and evil. With the internet and all new forms of media communication, negativity and evil are always one click away. I’ve tried to run away and isolate myself from it but, almost all of society and everyone I know is immersed in the non-stop evil and negativity that saturates the internet and media. Even at my weakest point, I’m still fighting for some kind of peace. The best peace I have managed so far is, “Staying calm in the middle of a negativity storm.”

My entire life I have made so many mistakes out of ignorance and stupidity I am surprised I am still alive. It seems like it literally takes a life-time to understand what and who we are in a humble sense. If you don’t know any better, or, your life upbringing and customs are different from others, what can be expected ?

Although I am “no-one, not accomplished much, a life long trouble maker, and don’t have anything,” I am slowly feeling better about myself and just want to live a simple good life. To much bad self-programming has fooled myself into not living in a way that wouldn’t bring so much suffering on myself or others.

At some point, you accept where your actions lead you and who you become. I might never really have anything or be anyone important, but, that’s ok. I’m slowly getting better and learning contentment. Mainly, I’m de-programming that “I have to be someone, or do something, or accomplish something in order to be happy.” Also, I’m learning to de-program a range of bad ideas and pre-conceived notions.

Compared to other people in the world, I live like a King although I don’t have anything to my name. Strange to have nothing and yet be alright considering you have nothing. Must be irony.

The book I have been reading lately is “Handbook to Higher Consciousness”.  I may not fully understand or ascribe to all of the composition but, the overall work has made me contemplative. The explanations, techniques, and meta-science/psychology have been quite insightful. Aside from the religious allusions and philosophical comparatives, it qualifies as a “self-help/improvement” book. I’m cool with it.

I always need help. I’m pretty much a never-ending train wreck that never gets to the station (joking). Really, I’m more like two shoes: one with a hole in the big toe and the other in the heal. Guess I need to shuffle when I step, ha. That, and buy some more socks -a little less holy.

All of our experiences have a direct influence in shaping our lives and egos. Everything we do, what we put into our minds, the people we associate with -all of these factors have an effect on life.

My biased opinion: You do not require religion, philosophy, politics/government to live. These things have a few ideas that are ok when you strip away the “non-essential, manipulative, empty poetics.” The good ideas of the aforementioned are generally common sense and basic knowledge understood by many living life. However, I do believe that some religions, philosophy, politics/government have been more destructive (historically substantiated) to the human-condition than natural catastrophe. I believe those destructive issues mainly come from addictions to security and power.

It isn’t wise to “help and hinder with the same hand.” It is wise to extinguish suffering non-destructively.

We can inflict suffering on our lives with too many rules and legalisms. Cruel and intentional manipulation of language with law and legalism is analogous to power-dominance and tyranny. Limitation should never be defined or constituted as “Freedom” when it is in fact “Restriction.” We can limit our own happiness and ability to live healthy when we are to harsh on ourselves or others. I for one should know.

Life help and healing should never be restrictive, manipulative, or devised with a cleverly disguised agenda. I also believe that help, charity, and goodwill to other beings should be without gain, expectation, and, entirely unconditional. Some modern day forms of help seem more like psychological weapons of manipulation rather than sincere forms of help.

The best help and charity we can do for ourselves is learning to “Know Thyself.”

It is genuinely hard to find people who wish to help others with no thought of themselves in mind. It is even harder to find ourselves wanting to help ourselves. So, are we genuinely helping or “appealing to the addictive nature of some form of programming?”

It is possible to “be drunk with programming” analogous to being “sober and free of bad programming.” It is also like being honest with ourselves and others. Just as a mirror “does not lie, the reflection is “entirely clear” when you can “see yourself in complete truth and honesty.” And yes, it is a hard thing to do.

We should not seek to “be clever and manipulate.” People can become “addicted to helping others due to the programmed expectation of a perceived good-deed.” However, I think a “true charity” to others comes completely without “thought, expectation, or gain.” If we are only doing good things to get an “endorphin rush” then, we are appealing to the addictive programming of “sensation.” True for ourselves as well.

A “true charity” or “good-dead” done for others is free from any programming or sensation addiction. It happens in truth and spontaneity of the “Pure Aware Consciousness,” unbound and free of programming.

Why do I say this about “charity or good-deeds?” Because of the “addiction to the sensation programming.” If we do something because we simply “feel good” or have been “programmed as what is perceived as right,” the supposedly positive gesture becomes the expression of the nature of sensation addiction. The point of either becomes entirely missed. When it comes to helping ourselves, the same applies.

In some forms of “Zen” the perfect “movement or expression” is without conscious programming. Rather it is through “Pure Aware Consciousness.” Imagine healing or helping yourself or others without battling “sensation, security, or power.”

Pure Aware Consciousness is analogous to “clear thinking and insight” without negative distortion.

The “ego-backed, programmed mind” can act as destructive as any weapon. (Pg. 58 Handbook to Higher Consciousness) Therefore, we have to be careful to harm neither ourselves nor others when seeking to re-program or heal ourselves of problematic issues. Life is composed of various forms of survival. These various paths of survival come with obstacles.

In this article, when I speak of “life” and “living”, I mean basic survival. In addition, I mean a form of survival that is more than purely animalistic-jungle survival. A life of healthy simplicity and contentment is best. The volition of your life movement should come from your pure awareness as opposed to the reactionary momentum of programming. The difference is that of a human as compared to a robot.

So, are you “going through the motions” or “living consciously?” Living consciously is the difference between a “virtuoso performance” and a “routine.”

You can live without some of the programming you have received since birth. I say this with respect to survival as absent of vanity, luxury, and ideological illusion. It is dangerous to make “something out of nothing -especially if that nothing is not in accord with living.” Unfortunately, our world has created a multitude of ideological burdens that have made illusions dangerously harmful.

Various types of “traps” program many people. These traps include social, cultural, religious, philosophical, ethical and moral, tribal, law and legal, logic and reason, and ego other based deceptions.

“A trap is an inflexible, ridged, self-motivated system, based upon static condition, often engaging in adversarial combat, not allowing freedom of growth, expansion of human life, or sharing of free conscious life-promoting ability.”

We have regrettably given our programmed minds precedence of importance over the very existence of life itself. I believe there is immense danger in “distorted perceptual separation” which accepts only parts of a being, and not the “total life of a being.”

Example: “Our modern world has placed too much emphasis on judging the past-actions of a being, completely absent of the constant and continual change of life, denying life unless it meets a lifeless static unwavering definitional qualification.”

A peaceful, united world society can exist without judge, jury, and executioner.

You can no more catch the reflection of the sun or moon in the water than you can stop the flowing waters of life. So, why do we keep perpetuating all things that constantly destroy ourselves and our world? Controlling, dominating, and manipulating ourselves and the world is not the right answer.

Example: The false correlation the Justice System often makes is that of comparing “legal text-book” examples to “real-life” contriving an endless future of suffering. We make the same mistakes by comparing our lives with certain aspects of the lives of others. Instead of seeing ourselves in one another, we dissolve unity of life through separation.

When I speak of “unity” I don’t mean a “perfect utopian world.” A world of wise, peaceful tolerance is the real world ideal I’m speaking of. It seems until we stop separating ourselves that dream will have to wait.

We spend far too much time dredging up the past and living in a imaginary future. We spend too much time seeing only ourselves, living out our addictive programming, battling against the programming of others.

Dwelling in to many disconnected moments of time indirectly steals our life and ability to just live. We are no more yesterday than we are tomorrow. It is next to impossible to live your life each moment when you are else-where in illusionary time-based perception. Separating yourself from world is like separating yourself from life.

The past is behind us and the future far beyond us. Why would you want to exist in either of those?

Even the idea of living in the “Now” is still a programmed place holder for time. Our programming still has us addicted to the idea that we have to “exist in a place-holder of time.” Time is a “human abstract construct.” Time is an idea that functions as a place-holder for explaining things we do not fully understand.

What if you could live without limiting your perception of life to the idea of time?

Why worry about “all the time in the world” when you could have “all of your life to live in the awareness of living?” You do not require “ideas” in order to live and exist.

Before our minds were filled with endless amounts of garbage, we were “Pure Conscious-Awareness.” Pure Conscious Awareness (these words/title) represent something that you can realize again. Those moments of “no-thought, timelessness, forms of blissful contentment” -these are Pure Conscious Awareness.

How do you get there or do it? Simple. Being aware of your awareness. That is a good start. The more you do it, you will understand what I am attempting to express through the limitations of language. Once you learn to maintain that state, your life will being to change. I would not even begin to write about this if I had no such experience. The closets state I can think of that might describe the next higher step is like “Nirvana.” Nirvana as we know is generally defined as a “state beyond pleasure and pain.”

Starting out, I didn’t know if it would work or not. How do I describe it? At first, it is like mirrors reflecting into one another then, seems to grow into another state. The separation between subject-object starts disappearing. Instead of feeling distant to other people and the world, you start to see how you fit in. It does take a continuous practice or you can begin making negative progress. I have read that if you practice correctly for some time you eventually arrive at much higher states.

Our programming is composed of endless amounts of sensory inputs -most of which are unnecessary to live. It is important to keep in mind that, “The human world is a human ideologically created world.” I do think it is important to find a “programming, or way of life” that works in a positive optimum life-affirming. Any way that is obviously a “way of suffering” is not life affirming. We have to keep in mind that much of our life-programming is composed of addictive forms of suffering.

Example: We -humanity- have created a “System of Judgment” that is not so much “healing and self-correcting” but rather a reactionary power center. Our “human created judgments” are based upon the “egos desire for power and control.” This power-trip of the ego has led to the creating and manifestation of a ideological chimera called “The Rule of Law” controlled by lesser powers of the ego called “Law and Order.” It is mind-boggling what the “human ego mind” will create and bring forth when compelled by “Sensation, Security, and Power.” If it were not were for the “ego’s addictive programming for power,” we wouldn’t need or create such destructive things. Due to other forms of suffering these things came to be.

Lets say you record a sound and replay that sound over and over. Lets say you do that with more and more sounds until you have a huge wall of crazy sounds. All sensory input is like that. Whatever you put into your mind over the coarse of the day or your life becomes like a huge tidal-wave. This can drain your energy, make you feel overloaded, less perceptive, and even drive you to feel crazy. A large majority of mental issues directly manifest from addictive, harmful programming. Our mind perception is a complex feedback system. Feedback is a reaction.

The rational, ego-laden mind is like a burning candle. The candle stays lit every time you add another program, idea, or sensory input. What do you do? Learn to blow the candle-flame out. Some Eastern practitioners of meditation also call it, “Calming or taming the Monkey of the mind.”

Fighting fire with fire only produces more fire. You can not live in the world if you are too busy burning it down to nothing. I can admit to wanting to watch it all burn down. But, I was re-acting to addictive security and power programming. I let my ego seek destruction based upon a reactionary feedback loop.

How can you live life to the fullest if your mind programming denies you ability to live “consciously aware and happy every moment of your life?”

I can agree to the fact that sustained peace is always an ongoing life-work in progress.

Regardless of what freedoms “we think we have or not,” if we can not “allow ourselves freedom” then, peace becomes substituted by pain and suffering. Recognizing our issues and consciously working on our problems are among the first steps to freedom by healing ourselves. I admit that it isn’t easy and takes work, but it is all worth it in the long run. Even if you made only one-percent progress and nothing more, one-percent is good. You have all of your life to help and heal yourself. You might help others to, who knows?

My idea to explain perception is; “Our life perception is a combined three-fold experience. This experience consists of our internal perceptions, our collective perceptions, and finally the world as it is regardless of our perceptions.” This idea is an oversimplified way to explain a very complex perceived illusion. The reason I use the word “illusion” in this article is because I feel it best represents mental programming.

We create our worlds internally based upon what we experience from the external reality. Therefore, we might say, “Certain aspects of our minds internally reflect what we are experiencing externally, and therefore re-act externally as such.” It is not so much “duality” as it is understanding “oneness.” I use the word “oneness” not to designate a metaphysical state but the unified station of interconnected reality.

In addition, I do not think it is too much to say, “We mirror and reflect our world to some degree.”

We have a tendency to interpret and apply our programming in three ways: Sensation, Security, and Power. These three ways create “stress” in one form or another. (Pg. 59 Handbook to Higher Consciousness)

It is always through Sensation, Security, and Power that our “reactionary triggers” activate. When our “triggers are activated” through internal and external stimulus, we “re-act” in various ways.

Our “triggers” are also “addictions.” When a stimulus occurs, our internal programming can lead us to re-act, or cause “suffering”. (H.T.H.C.)

It is import to our well being to move away from “subject-object” manipulation. All objectification occurs inside our own mind. In other words, most of the issues we experience are directly caused by “within our own minds.” These issues as mentioned before include “social traps, cultural traps, and ego traps.” (Pg. 33 H.T.H.C.)

We must be careful to discern the reality of an issue. Ideas themselves can be entirely dangerous if introduced and propagated with the intention to hurt or destroy etc. This is especially true if our actions and intentions are based on hurt, negative issue, or problems we have experienced. All ideas are abstract and only exist in our minds, and shared perceptive realities.

When our programming clash with the programming of others conflicts happen.

The greater danger is when we act out on shared or perceived suffering in such a way that it causes more suffering. Pain and suffering can be transmuted like viral ideas.

When a person transmits pain or suffering to other people -even in ideological form- it is possible to propagate a cause and effect chain of suffering.

Suffering is like a bad weed in a garden that must be uprooted, or, put where it can harm none.

Two wrongs never make a right. Re-enforcing evil harm with more evil harm only causes more evil harm. Death begets death. I choose life.

If you constantly dwell in pain, so shall you become addicted.

If you constantly dwell in pleasure, so shall you become addicted.

Addiction is suffering brought on by life-experience that programs our mind-ego complex.

Life programs can also be called “attachments.”

It is possible to re-program, or, do away with certain programming with various techniques (I.e. “Live and Learn.”). Taking “responsibility” for our life and life programming, I believe, is a key to higher states of living. Various esoteric sources state that “taking responsibility for oneself” is part of our over-all growth as “consciously aware beings.” To deny our health and growth is a quick path to death and destruction.

You begin re-programming addiction by directly addressing the issue and engage in understanding the issue. Re-programming can include conscious focusing, word-phrase, physical position alteration, and bioelectrical tension release relaxation. (Pg. 96 H.T.H.C.)

Understanding the various components of our mind is apart of being “conscious aware.” The rational mind, the self-ego, and mental programming make up the complex that becomes the obstacle of our “conscious awareness.”

We might say our pure conscious awareness is our true center. On top of the center is the ego. On top of the ego is our programming. Instead of seeking to destroy ego/rational mind, we seek to work with and better understand the other “mind-forms.” To destroy a thing without necessarily understanding a thing is counter productive to the merit of understanding a thing. Remember, we are not seeking to destroy our being, but rather unify all that is our being, not separate from best possible life-experience we can have.

Part of understanding our programming is that of understanding “perceptual time.” Our programming consists of past, present, and future mental constructions. The past is gone. The future from our point of time is imaginary. It is the “now” that is important. At the same time, “pure conscious awareness” is more important than the time-based construction of “Now.” Seeking the timeless space is better. At far elevated states of living existence, time isn’t an idea or perception.

It has been said that nothing per-say exists in an absence of time and space, but then again, who has been there and when did they experience it? Answer: “Ah,…so”

Being “conscious aware” without negative harm or hurt is a realistic positive optimum to strive for.

I would like to note that, “Acknowledging any form of negative programming or addiction is a best first step towards a happier life.” Therapy, self-help/improvement, and engaging in healthy life-style practice is a life-long journey toward sustained wellness.

Ideas are like anchors we attach to chains that, we cast from our ship, attempting to control and maintain our place in the ever-moving ocean of life. You can never know where the journey of life will take you if you are “anchored and chained to suffering, attachment, and addictive programming.” Cast off and sail away my friend.

The ancient motto of “Knowing Thyself” is more than a motto. It is a key to freedom in life.