Friday, November 11, 2016

Visions November 3rd and 4th

As I stated in other blog posts, I am "Empathic Precog." I almost opted not to post this but now, I will.

These are my visions on November 3rd and 4th. There is a "Psychic Tidal-wave" coming. Please prepare. Good luck, and I hope you survive.

I have lost more battles than I have fought, and, the war is not over. It’s not over until it’s over. Life has become the ultimate “Theater of Pain.” The huge gulf-like difference between the “haves” and “have nots” is as impossible to cross as turbulent choppy ocean waves.

This evening, I talked with a Wise Man. He knew what I saw. He had seen the same fifty-plus years before. It is the same secret known by the same blood for over three generations. Really there is no use in thinking too much about the inevitable. When it happens, it will happen so fast and hard that “insane hysterical laughter” will not even begin to describe what living voices are left. The rest will give up and die.

America….the Debt inflicted upon our lives has become too great. The bottomless pit swallows more each day. At first we thought to prepare to fight. It was not enough. Then, we prepared to survive. It was not enough. Now, we wait to act in the last moments as we would rather choose to fight in the last moments before death as it seems all American roads lead to death. Funny to think how food, clothing, and shelter become more precious than gold or diamonds.

In a span of 46 hours and 22 minutes, I have had two “precog events”. Within the same time, object contact a weekend back saw one day after with confirmation of an indirect object by person extending twenty years back. The rest of the information didn’t seem as clear.

A chain reaction begins as soon as the election ends. A power shift so powerful begins the ending. All of the cults and sleeper cells upgrade the designation of their alert status. Covert operations brutally take place at a rate faster than authorized groups can negotiate. All operations become as black as the skies covered by burning oil -tinged with the aroma of burnt flesh.

I saw fire, revolutions of nations, millions around the world screaming -my eyes began to burn. Who would imagine it would happen so fast -faster than you could type a message or make a call.

Grids go down. Nation to Nation miscommunication. Ignorant leaders full of fear sweat through their fat overhanging bellies while whipping their decorated soldier dogs into unconscionable free for all movements of murder. The people have no where to run or hide as they scream and die.

Black outs become more than shut down of media but dead silence. All hearts embrace fully the evil they always denied inside of them. The so-called good ones clutch to their false goodness dying for their ignorant faith.

Everything seems as if nothing. The dead noisy silence, war machines marching, we sell our souls to technology. The mark is an impression chip upon our minds. The Patriotic and Weak bow down. The rest fight amongst themselves, the “Justice Slaughters” continue at a rate beyond upkeep or mention.

Soon, the Grand Mover of all destruction speaks. The Demons ready their forces -first strikes echo around the earth as dirt lifts, burns, and shakes with no gravity.

Looking at the sky, those who are left gaze at the dirty black hell that is left. How will we survive?

I will post more visions soon. I do hope you survive the fallout. It is coming. You might call it the end.
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