Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Poem: "I Deal"

Poem: I Deal

I deal - with evil, wicked, hateful people everyday

I deal - with Red-knecks who over-compensate through big shitty noisy trucks

I deal - with Gang-bangers gangsters who think playing their music stereo loud is an cool terror tactic

I deal - with the fact I meet at least one brain-washed person a day

I deal - with stark reality that people are gullible and can’t seem to think for themselves

I deal - with neighbors who overstep their boundaries and act like you don’t exist

I deal - with a neigborhood where no one has any life other than making yours miserable

I deal - with a neighborhood watch that is worse than a high paranoid drug dealer

I deal - with country people whose I.Q. is the same as the number of teeth in their mouth

I deal - with authorities who don’t follow their own rules and think that they are god

I deal - with a government I am sure is gone to kill us all

I deal - with family members who are hateful and look down on everyone, even you

I deal - with family members who are no longer family and I dwell among savagery inwait

I deal - with a shitty band that lives not far from me, yet antagonizes me because I am learning music

I deal - with dope heads and alcoholics who don’t hang out with me because I don’t help with their fix

I deal - with people who know more about me and know me better than me

I deal - with a country that chewed me up and spit me out, leaving me with no recognizable future

I deal - with the cold realization that behind almost every face is a monster waiting to kill you

I deal - with a shitty job, working for shit pay, for a boss from another country, my country gave money

I deal - with problems from other races but I’m not a racist

I deal - with ex-friends who shun you and laugh at you even though they haven’t done shit in life

I deal - with ex-relationships that basically accomplished the same as friends, absolutely nothing

I deal - with blowback from television and internet media that people can’t seem to turn off

I deal - with people who whore themselves and sell their souls for life and a dollar, and yet I’m bad

I deal - with know-it-alls who know everything but can’t figure out why they failed at life

I deal - people who seem to come from the same root as money, evil

I deal - with the fact that the only thing I can do is deal

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