Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Gothic Resistance

You are the Gothic Resistance

Separate Yourself , Refine your Skills, Practice constantly, Ultimately -Know Yourself, and when you meet the Gothic Buddha kill the Gothic Buddha. (That last part about the Gothic Buddha is a maxim spin.)

For those ready to die another day, read on.

More or less, I’m following a train of thought while writing so bare with me. This isn’t going to be the magnum fucking opus of Goth articles. And no, I’m not an English Nazi or an Anal Librarian.

The best way to survive in this impossibly fucked and screwed up world is to stay away from as much bullshit as possible. If that means everyone, so be it. In the Goth world, it’s not the exception but the rule.

If you are not a serious Goth or a Gothic-lifer. This is not for you. This is for the last few of our kind that have not completely submitted to all that is fucked up with this world.  Most are painted, costumed pretenders to the throne. Bow down bitches. I’ve brought a platter for your head. (Smiles) But seriously, everyone is Goth and everyone is so cool, and no one gives a shit right? Wrong. When you think about it(if you actually think, ha), many modern day Goths are looking for approval and attempting to justify their “Goth-ness.” The real question is, “Why would any Goth need approval or need to seek approval from anyone?” The obvious answer is, “No.” Although, you would be surprised how often it happens.

Survival as a Goth is something I meditate upon all the time. Most Goths think about their lifestyles, music and other expressions. Then, there are those who are addicts, perversely distorted, and users of Goth as a ride and a good time (sounds like most of my relationships). Even the entertainment industry shits on Goth with every foolish and laughable insult you can think of. Now, mainstream Goth mostly embraces idiocy and is a means to a commercial end. Goth online profiles have become a mesh of who wants to be popular, those looking for something, and mostly those no-picture no-story lurkers voyeuristically have a good time.

The first Goths were warriors and a mighty people. Modern Goths always try and contest that today’s Goth has nothing to do with the past. Their arguments are like someone who got history (lol) to do all the work for them and then, they take all the credit without acknowledging the facts. Without the first Goths, the name and the culture itself would exist as some other form of bastardized subculture mutation. I guess when you call yourself Goth for shits and giggles history becomes irrelevant and as empty as every online profile.

Many Goths forget that there is a very fine line between being able to do what you want and the scrutiny of that comes against Goths and what they do. At the fringe of human expression and society is the last vestige of freedom for Goths and other subcultures.

I don’t like to say it but, “Goths will never be fully embraced by the world, however, Goths may find things worse than opinion if not careful.”

I believe it is best that Goth does not become mainstream for the sake of preservation. Although, at levels of commercialism and ease of entertainment in this age, true Goth life is almost completely dead (no pun intended, maybe). Stupid fucking cruises, high-dollar dance club parties, online peddlers of all sorts of Goth merchandise, oh my god another fucking book. Yes, commercialism has indeed fucked Goth so hard, Goth has become a laughably easy bitch to use and abuse by the commercial and entertainment world. It has also become the easy way out, the instant excuse to kill yourself, the fifteen minute platform to temporary internet fame. It’s funny how most of the things modern Goths like and worship is commercial. I guess you get it where you need it when you can’t get it where you want it (sounded pretty good). Don’t we all.

Three things all Goths should avoid (or at least use discernment): the commercial World, Government, and Religion. You must never bow down or submit to these things. Of course, when in Rome do as Romans do, but never under any circumstance become a Roman. Be smart, and live. Be stupid, and die. Stay out of the almighty eye as there is a time and a place for all things (under hell if you like). If Goths were great in number things might be somewhat different. I doubt it though. For the most part, Gothic people will always be outsiders. There is nothing wrong with that if you think about it. Better to not exist than be a target.

A friend of mine once said, “Man, I haven’t seen you in forever. You are like a Ghost.” My reply, “Mu-ah-ah-ah, yezzz, and that is exactly how I like it. Transparent powdery white. Yes, I am a Ghost.”

Be wise, ye who walk the path and live as Goth. It is sad and ironic to think the Path of Goth is as lonely as it is most often isolated. Seems to be the only and safest way. Everyone is programmed in some way or another as to what is “normal” and what isn’t. Oddly enough, it is those certain programmed flesh bags that think anything that remotely stinks of being different from them causes problems. I can’t be hypocritical here as I’ve personally known the “holier than thou” type Goths. I’ve also know the “everyday John and Jane Doe” who love to tell you how fucked up Goths are. Shit, I’ve even had to deal with fucking B-Jesus church people. Amen (heh, right)?

I don’t know what it is but being Goth in certain places of society is like being painted with an invisible target you can’t see, but everyone is aiming for you. No shit. It’s like one of those stupid intelligence games you play where society is trying to guess who doesn’t fit it. Oh shit! Here comes the village lynch mob. Yes my Gothic friends, the monster is alive. (Electric bolts, scars, and platforms and all.)

The first Gothic people fierce warriors and tribe oriented. Somewhere along the way, the lifestyle became shit upon a stick drowned with endless amounts of literary false-hoods. Granted that, there are not many who know what they are fucking talking about when it comes to Goth. It is much like talking to an idiot who likes the cover of a book and yet never read the book. Even worse is the number of “How to be Goth” books that are written with ideas no better than shit stains on toilet paper. The same goes for most online communities. Don’t get me wrong as there might be a few decent places or books but I don’t know of them. I do think all contributions to Goth are kind of cool, but, I feel some of them miss the point.

The commercial world (not excluding entertainment) are only interested in Goth and what is Gothic as far as it serves them and makes them money. I’m not against a individual into crafts, a garage band, or a person making a simple living from what a they enjoy. Be warned though. The Green-Eyed-Monster of money creeps in quick if better than average success is gained. Money is evil. You would be surprised how some Goths change into something else at the drop of a dollar bill. We are all whores right? Seems like it. Yes, I do understand that some of us make a living off what we know -even Goths. Personally, I do find myself questioning the ends to which some people want to push it. I feel the Path of Goth is for all and not just those who have money, ability, or fame. It’s like the struggle between the “haves” and “have nots.”

When it comes to Government, Goths have never been recognized with any form of respect what-so-ever. But, due to the idiotic crimes committed by some Goths, all other Goths have suffered due their stereotypes and profiles being added to criminal lists, international surveillance databases, and even the fucking neighborhood watch (Egad!). Even if a Government did recognize Goths I’d say run for the fucking hills because something is suspiciously wrong. Governments are only self-interested and self-possessed. The only time they recognize anyone is if they are running a game or are looking for an advantage. Best to stay away from that shit all together. I’m not saying all people in Government are bad. The good ones are too incapable and powerless to do anything which helps anyone. The bad ones are usually powerful armed and capable of bringing the system to an end that can destroy all of us. This applies from the top all the way down the Almighty Pyramid of Power (creepy).

Oh, and P.S., All propaganda is bullshit. (Thought I’d throw that in there since I almost forgot.)

Religions. Especially Organized Religion. Fuck them all. Religion is a brainwash, bullshit, and total fucking garbage. Do not join, enter, or buy into any religious shit what so ever. It is all fucked up, bullshit, and lies and is bad for you period. I have studied religion of every form and kind and I feel all of it is absolutely good for nothing. Almost all religious people are hugely uninformed and haven’t done enough research to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Most religious people are into religion for reasons that are anything but religious. If you take history into consideration and learn how many people have died and how many fucked up things have happened because of religion, that should be proof enough to stay away from that bullshit (Almost sounds like Goth, Egad!). Don’t be fooled. Religions fuck the world over hard. Some religious people talk insane bullshit. Some are experts at brainwashing people, taking their money, and possessing their lives. They really have no idea how much they are programmed. I can tell you with no hesitation that most religious people are fucked in the head in one way or another. Stay away from fucking religion period.

Goth groups and online Goth groups are rarely ever cool, and general speaking, never. However, it is profitable for those who run online Goth sites in order to make that commercial dollar off of your interaction with their online trap. “Welcome to my Gothic parlor, said the commercial Gothic web site spider (owner) to the naive and unsuspecting wanna-be Goth user.” (Wisdom). I’m not saying all online Goth sites are bad, but, they aren’t all that good either. They will never be better than the real world. Think about that next time your spanking your gothic monkey to the vanity of illusion and belonging. Belong to yourself. I’m not saying spank yourself or anything unless that is what you are into, but you know what I mean.

And no, I’m not saying my Goth Blog is the best in the world because its not. I make no money or gain anything from it other than posting my thoughts.

Yes, I can honestly say I’ve made mistakes of all kinds growing up in the Goth School of Hard Knocks. In the beginning, you think you’re cool breezey undead shit. Then, holy fuck it really is fucking scary out here in Goth World. Every kind of fetish, all sorts of extremes in everything, and all forms of pleasure and pain. Endless mind-warping information and indulgence exist in the Goth world. No denying that fact. Generally speaking, it is a good thing to know what you are into and what you are not. That way you don’t get caught up attempting to entertain or become the entertainment for the wrong kind of company.

When I say I have over thirteen flavors of scars -no shit, I mean it. Once you go past the edge and are swallowed up by the darkness, shit, it takes forever to crawl back up out of the pit (Got a light? Ha ha). No fucking joke. I’m surprised I’m still alive and able to write this shit as I wished someone had taken the time to tell me what the fuck is really up. There are all kinds of Goth, and the Gothic world is “fantastic” in the sense of the word and not the candy-coated popular meaning. Not all of it is impossibly demented but, it seems only the strong, the smart, and the fucking lucky survive.

The Las Vegas world is one thing. The Gothic World is quite another. They both share “danger.”

If you want to survive as long as you can, test these words I‘ve written about here. Don’t think that these evils I’ve talked about here will not destroy you if given the chance. Be careful to think that these things (commercialism, Government, religion) would ever support or protect you. They will not. I have seen what these things have done to Goths the world over. Goths have been murdered, persecuted without reason, endlessly tortured, and had their lives ruined because some programmed flesh bag decided they didn’t like Goth. Look, the “status quo normal” world will fuck you up if given the chance. It’s a game you can’t win. Mark my words. If you are able to be Goth and not suffer, kudos to you motherfucker. It’s a war zone where I’m at and people get chewed up and spit out on the daily.

Like John Conner said in Terminator, “You are the Resistance.” No shit. If you are reading my words you should make the word “Resistance” you personal mantra. If you choose this Gothic mission you can never go back. (This message will self destruct as soon as you finish reading it. BEEP!)

The bad thing with ideas in this world is that people will kill for them. How fucking stupid right? Most times and fucking always it is best to keep to your own and fuck everything and everyone else (not literally). It’s useless to argue or debate about Goth so don’t do it and save yourself a headache. If you have to say you are not Goth to protect your ass, do so. If you have to give up being Goth in order not to get killed, then do so. Marinate on this shit as if my words are HOLY (Abracadabra! Presto! Sha-zam! Bingo!).

The only person you belong to is you. The only place you need to be Goth is in your own head. Everything else is external vanity and illusion. One might say that Gothic ideology or programming is the same thing as vanity or illusion, which is fair. I also understand that the “Goth Life” is a particular type of “programming” and I feel each person should be free to accept or reject programming at will. However, I will say there is tons of bad programming out there. Safety in the Gothic Life Style is something that is barely ever addressed. If safety is not your thing, well then, Goth on.

Some say, “Goth or anything Gothic isn’t important.” Well, what about Race, Gender, or what you think is important?  You could say they are not the same, but, are they not? When it comes to “justification” everyone is right in their own mind. If you can not stand Goth then ,what I have written here is not for you. If you are looking for a taste of something just to excite you I highly advise taking a long walk off a short cliff. The immediate stop at the bottom should clear things up for you.

In my own life I have faced first hand bullshit for being Goth. From brutal fights, being called the worst names and labels you can think of, to all out threats on my life. From time to time, what news there is speaks of the same things done to other Goths around the world. I suppose it is no different from any other way of life. You could give up your way of life and forever cower down, or at some point, stand up for yourself.  As much as I hate to say it, “Yes, there are some Goths that do shit that makes it hard on the rest of us.” Keep in mind there are no absolute rules set in stone about Goth. As far as I have studied and lived, I might be one of the few to give those who are interested in Goth a chance at survival in a sketchy world attempting to live a fringe lifestyle. It all starts with your “head” so, get some. Oh, and watch your ass out there. Goths have been targeted by their own kind. I rather despise that fact. Keep in mind “the human element” in order not to forget the tie that binds Goth. Humanity for the most part is really no better than animals and most often act as such.

“Justification” can be a dangerous thing so be extremely careful which battles you choose. At best, you better make damn sure you can win because the enemies of Goth will stop at nothing to destroy you and all that you hold dear. It’s not a matter of if but rather when.

Make sure you don’t paint yourself into a corner. Always make sure you have an exit strategy. Never walk into anything you can not walk away from. The enemy will come at you in any way with every conceivable tactic, strategy, and weapon. Online Gothic social networks can be just as bad so don‘t forget. Pick your poisons wisely. You must be prepared at all times in reality or online. If all of this sounds like to much for you and all you wanted to do is dress up, go to clubs, and get fucked up, I will be the first to tell you to fuck off. Goth is not for you.

If you hang with any other Goths at all make sure you know them better than an acquaintance. A majority of real and lifelong Goths do not look like or fall into any popular Gothic profile. In day to day life, you might meet a person living a dark Gothic life style and never know it. The people who generally call themselves Goth and follow all the trends stand out like dated crusty paste mixed with the spiked sweat of shitty underground clubs. Goths who are supposedly popular, have the biggest egos, and are well known eight to nine times out of ten are not Goth at all. Most often those kind are commercialists, opportunists, pretenders, and megalomaniacs. Finding a real, true to life/death Goth is like finding a naturally rough uncut diamond, hidden in the dirt of an ancient forgotten cemetery long ago.

You might ask, “What’s the problem? Why write about this shit? You suck donkey balls.”

Basically, it’s about “quality over quantity.” Because people are mutilating their bodies, do you join the band wagon and mutilate your body too? Because many Goth people have bought into the stereotypical ideological trend started in the literature of a certain era mean you buy into it too? Because many Goth people follow other Goth people, does this mean you follow them too? Pfft. Hell no.

You can not be an individual -especially a Goth- if you are following, emulating, copying, and basically becoming part of the “Gothic Herd.” Yes, I agree that there isn’t much of anything that hasn’t already been done or said before. So basically, you pick and choose what works for you and discard the rest. Create and define your own sense of Goth. You can not own your own life if other people own it. You can not be a leader if you are a follower. Remember, these are ideas to think about when it comes to Goth Survival.

Being Goth is about being an individual, intelligent, and avoiding the stagnation of commercialism, popular culture, and tyranny. It isn’t about becoming a copy of a copy of a copy ad mastubatorium. It is a path that can lead to a better understanding of life and knowing yourself. Be wise and watch your pasty ass out there. To be a Goth you don’t need a commercial costume, an online profile, or even Gothic friends. You can be yourself and Goth without a single drop of makeup or even one article of black clothing. You don’t have to be apart of a Gothic group online or in the real world. As a Goth, you can belong to yourself and yourself alone. You don’t need to give a justification or reason why you are Goth to anyone, or even other Goths. Explore your own sense of Gothic wonder.

Remember, if you want to be Goth and survive then, you will remember what I’ve said.

Now, get fucking lost and die -Gothic style of course.

Know Thyself.


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