Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Holy Death Walk

I walk "The Holy Death Walk".

Beauty,...the lights that shine that we do not see. Traversing the infinite systems, I saw vast oceans unlike my grain-like existence would ever perceive.

Attempting to sway the pendulum has been difficult. To walk by will alone is not enough for even the demons come always to devour your faith. I battle not only with duality but the myriad of the Desert of the Godhead. Choosing to separate and walk the unknown paths of countless holy beings and esoterics leaves me to understand why the pursuit of everything is no-where as valuable -or perhaps non-valued- resting of the "nothingness".

I have walked the ages. Ascended the Ladder of Lights. Once, I even saw the "Clear White Light" and the multitude of Rainbow Souls. Falling back into this grosser matter, it seems, we are all churning in a certain blackness like scarabs we churn to purify the sacred etheral stone.

It seems the moment is a focus for preparing for the transference. To battle with oneself in final moments is like unto wishing to break the mirror and accept the untainted perception.

All is vanity. All is illusion. All is nothingness. To say these things and read these words, once, even I did not understand that it was the "I" that was the obstacle all along.

Journeying across the lands, I found everywhere was the same. Talked to countless holy people, and yet none were holy, for they did not perceive that everything is holy.

There is no such thing as "Sin". There is no such thing other than what we create by which to attach ourselves in endless suffering. Escape the wheel, go into the light, for you are nothing, and yet everything.

It matters not what you do, what you say, or what you believe. Find and realize yourself and your own purity. Rip and cast all the fickle veils from your eyes.

In this current world, and watching the last few cycles -there are those that are making "slave-hosts" of shame and sin into the reality of all. And, I am here to say that you are already free and are free without them.

Walk the strait path in wisdom. Make your light your compass. You need not religion, politics, or philosophy in order to transcend.

Choose to be free. Choose to be pure(as you have always been).

Choose to live...forever.

You are the unborn, the uncreated, and the holiest of the holies.

These are my words. This is my will.

By your pure will, be free.