Wednesday, August 19, 2015

To Remember That You Will Die

Memento Mori, “Remember that you will die.”

            In elementary school, first grade I believe, I remember looking around at all my fellow classmates and wondering, “Who of us will make it through this life, and, who will not?” It isn't a question that -I guess- is a normal question for a person barely of five or so years old.

            One of the first deaths that I clearly remember was of a girl, a best play-friend of mine, in sixth grade. Something was wrong with the connection between her spine and her brain. There was a piece surgically implanted in that area. One moment, we were smiling and laughing on the playground of life, then,...our teacher tells us that she got sick, and died. She said something about her brain swelling and that piece had slipped into her brain. The entire class cried. I cried. Even youth itself is of no avail or protection against death. The specter is always around but we rarely pay attention...until it is too late.

            And, for me the one that got away -she found me again -only to die the next weekend in a car crash. There is no bitter-sweet melody for death other than what we make it. I don't completely understand why death makes a person love others more, or why life makes us complete forget that the world is full of other living, breathing forms of life. You would think that the reality of death would make everyone somewhat more altruistic if not gushing non-stop compassion. Oddly enough, even with the specter of death lingering all around, we indulge ourselves in hate, self-destruction,  pacification, and endless pursuits of never-ending-trending-nowness.

            I feel that humanity seems to be the biggest evil joke in the known universe. Humanity is so funny that it is not funny, and the only way to smile in death is if someone takes the time to hold your face in place until the funerary chemicals and rigor mortise set in.
            For a brief spell, I worked as a sales-person slash funeral director. In one week, I went to more funerals than most people have gone to in an entire life-time. I have seen every type of body in every shape and form, having died from any possible type of death you can imagine. Death -when you have been exposed to is as much as I have...it changes you. It hasn't granted me immortality, enlightenment, or a better way to deal with either life or death. All I can say is that, “It has put all things into a perspective that I believe all people should have.” Because, once you see and know the truth of how things really are, then life and true world change can only come from the ultimate life changer itself: “Death.” When you “fully realize” that you are going to die, you will wake up from the so-called “slumber” that you now consider life. Don't fool yourself, because even fools die. Some quicker and sooner than others, and most...for no good reason at all.

Being so aware and cognizant of death every moment of life led me to study many things.

Being so aware and cognizant of death every moment of life led me towards becoming something else.

Being so aware and cognizant of death every moment of life meant that I would truly awake to the realities of life.

Never would I ever dare “sleep”...for now I was(am) eternally aware and awake.

            Madness and genius border a fine line. I can't speak to either for myself. It seems to be the logical fallacy of authority that imperfectly interprets the details. Many are the modern day Snake-Charmers and interpreters of cast psychological bones. The entire world psychological community can not agree on what constitutes what. What they do is beyond dangerous. They become exactly like what they pursue in psychology(the same true for Law-Enforcement). What is relative and general to all of humankind, they cut-up, splice, and analyze through some strange derangement of arcane psychological pseudoscience mirroring the witches, warlocks, and alchemists of medieval ages.   It is like slow-death through quasi-intelligent analysis. Although, it seems the boldest and loudest make connections among the sands of the universal world psyche. Next time I see dirt or clouds swirling in the air, maybe I can see my luck-lotto numbers. Entertaining to say the least. The only credit I would ever dare to bestow upon “psychology” is that, it shines a very small light on what is generally characteristic of humanity, but has a terrible tendency to make what is “relative” in the human condition into countless proverbial-bottomless-abstractions. We can all make something out of nothing, and psychology is quite masterful of taking what is obvious about all and turning anything into an almost weaponized form of ideological-perversion by way of someone else's so-called knowledge(authority) and or possible experience(If they really have any other than book-smarts.)  If anyone focuses upon death more than the average person, then for whatever reason a modern day witch-doctor(psychologist) would say they are somehow “aberrant.”

“We might as well call life the ultimate false-positive.” (That was a joke for those of you who know of the absurdity and charlatanry of polygraph and other so-called lie detection systems.) If top world neuro-scientists still can not agree or understand what constitutes thought and how the brain works, then what makes someone think that with a computer and third-party software can somehow divine truth or lie? The same hold true for death. Since we have no solidly credible proof about what happens after death (aside from physical entropy) -not including N.D.E's- how can anyone say with the uttmost certainty that, “There is something more beyond the veil of the shadow of death.” For all we really know, “The end is the end -or, perhaps a change of such a magnitude that we lack the ability to perceive what is essentially above our current state of evolutionary-based understanding.”

            On a side-note, “I am not anti-social, anti-authority, or the anti-Christ so-to-speak. But, I am anti-bullshit -and that is the difference.” There is nothing wrong with keeping millions of egotistical and self-righteous idiots in the world at a distance that makes one feel safe. Death has a way of getting to the center of it all, including the idiots. (Center of a furnace or hole perhaps.) Due to sheer number or idiots in the world, our chances of dieing because of the idiocy of another is greatly increased. The theory of permutation and probability speak directly to the computational inevitability of this. But, by this certain “mathematical expression”, would an opposite expression say, “If there were less people in the world, then, we decrease the chance of dying at each others hands?”
            What is far more worse than egotistical idiots is the new complex of making hero's out of victims, martyrs, and those who wish to whine for nickles and dimes(musicians excluded, ha). The cold, hard truth is that victims and martyrs promote weakness, wear self-made targets, and tell the world that it is entirely alright to be weak and pitiful (Cry a river for me!) -even if it means you are simply lying in order to find a means to an ends. Victims and martyrs have become as popular as any form of pop-bubble-gum-bullshit. (Isn't it amazing to think victims, martyrs, and those of shame have become the focus of trending world culture?) I can't say those paths merit any form of virtue or need of any kind of attention -unless a malevolent yet clever idiot(s) find(s) a monetary way to capitalize upon their parasitic disposition. Prime time, the News, and other forms of media love to bleed the parasitism into the homes, hearts, and minds of the worlds pacified living-undead. To be brain-washed and programmed by any form of media is equivalent to committing suicide of self-awareness.

Remember people, “All forms of media can and will kill you.”
One thing is certain: “All paths of media lead to and are apart of the same path directly to death.”

            A person might ask, “Why even think of death let alone meditate upon it?” I don't hate to say it but, “A lack of thinking and lack of wise-thought has led our present world society into this current and churning cancerous form of crust-filled-crap.” I am afraid there is no ass-paper that will completely remove the sordid nature of our human-stains from in-between the context or subtext of our stinking and sweaty sweet cheeks. Isn't life a gas or do we mistake our recursive regurgitation’s for any form of flagellation meant as a means to a flirtatious porcelain end.

           The world is entirely diverse with more cultures and philosophies than any could fathom in a singular lifetime. The Samurai, the Native Amerindian, and countless eastern cultures never displaced or denied death. They embraced it, learned from it, and led more complete and fulfilled lives unto their last breath. (They lived their lives without TV, internet, or cell phones -amazing.)In almost analogous fashion, America harbors the same denial about all forms of human-sexuality and shun that area of humanity as much as they shun death from their everyday awareness.

            In American Culture however, it seems rather popular to live life in denial. It is even more popular among “authority figures” to psychologically “profile” people. Especially those who might live closer to what resembles an incorrect perspective (different from their own) on life by acknowledging death. I might add that “profiling” is one of the most current and popular forms of charlatanry right next to “Polygraph or Voice-Stress Analysis Testing.” At best, if you believe in those things, you should also believe in “Santa Clause, the Tooth-Fairy, or perhaps even Uncle Slam.”  Look, just because you think you see a pattern, or somehow made a connection in your pea brain doesn't mean that parallel similarities constitute a hit or miss. The study of Logical Fallacy speaks directly to the fact that: “Just because two or more things seem similar does not in-fact make them similar.” The mind has a strange way of playing extremely lovely tricks on all people including every type of control or authority figure you can think of. Remember, the human-world is an ideological world(so far as we know), and outside of our neocortex, the world itself is it's own animal, not subjugating or superimposing as we habitually do. If I told you that I could grab the moon by grabbing its reflection in the water, would you believe me? To make a guess or inference does not make a fact, nor does a computer screen with fancy graphics that dance to various human produced tremor -and mostly random- frequency spectrum oscillations.

            The cruel outcome off denying and repressing certain ideologies is that, they begin to swell and fester like a(n) infection. At some point, a(n) ideology that was a healthy aspect of human-reality becomes transmuted into a poison that leads to a(n) even harsher death. And, since we -humans- are essentially living computers; “When a(n) intelligent program senses that it's program(life) is in jeopardy, it goes into whatever offensive mode it has available including a self-destructive form of attempting to protect itself from the mob-mentality of society(including lashing out at society).”

            Society itself is a monstrous chimera that can not be dealt  with simply by cutting off its heads. You have to burn it entirely leaving nothing to remain. Unfortunately stupidity, destruction, and death are perpetuated in ways that are entirely out of order within the natural system in which we(the human-swarm) reside. It is often forgotten that we all exist within the same bubble-like planetarium -or, sanitarium for that matter. “Leave me be.........(Metallica inference).”

            All Americans and countless others around the world have been: booked, tagged, followed, monitored, hunted, killed, and profiled. If I told you that, “I can read your mind and predict everything you will think or do,” would  you believe me? Unless you are a completely gullible imbecile, or totally beaten into “Witch-Trial based confessionals,” I am sure you would not. But, there are still many unexplainable things in this world that come with a lack of information -or perhaps too much informational overload indeed. It seems the biggest and most profitable world business is not to bring death to each other through: social policing, social network swarm shaming, information background death sentences, being judged and executed in our first, second, and virtual third lives. Isn't dying just once too much? Our online world culture has taught that the strongest, most hateful and vengeful, and those who love to kill others -informationally speaking- has become the new “virtual might is right.”

The viral nature of information is more than entertaining. Every nano-second kills another victim with as much humanity as the machines we have created with our primitive, ape-like hands, while our serpentine brain laughing constricts with each fresh kill.

If an arm-chair-warrior had no arms, upon their own legs would they stand? Possibly no more than a Christian crucified without a crucifix, I suppose. (Striking parallelism. Feel free to clap on, clap off.)

            Sometimes, people freak out over death, destruction, and chaos. The irony there-in is that, “We create the death, the destruction, and never-ending chaos. We seem to hate those things, although we seem to love to create them -no thanks to our egos. It is around us all the time, so why the momentary freak-out?” Who knew our own “self-importance” would lead to so many unconscionable acts against ourselves and others? Not to mention the countless insane ideological babbling of leaders lost in the madness of human-made illusion of control. Who really has control of anything, or, is it just an idea inside your head that makes you think you do?

            Are we really any different from animals in the wild? I don't think so. Because you have a brain and something called a conscious doesn't change our evolutionary status as weak humanoids that can only survive by out-witting our fellow human and animal earth-residents. Because we give humans(pseudo-smart serpentine-monkeys) technology and guns doesn't mean life is improved or that we are better. Besides, if you gave a monkey a gun regardless of the way they have been programmed, who really knows what they would do? One thing is certain: “Just as all monkeys live, all monkeys die.” Don't slip on the banana-peel of your own stupidity because everyone will laugh -then shoot you. Welcome to the Jungle baby.

            Everyone has an opinion. Everyone feels the need to: share/shame, inform, create, or be someone, or do something special(awww). Most of these things lead directly to death. As a matter of fact, “All roads lead to death.” That is a statement that the majority would debate until their so-called beliefs are  full-filled  or “self-manifested.” There is an ancient maxim that states, “Be weary of what you love and desire, for it may destroy you.” It is odd to think of how many religions and life-philosophies play upon the ancient observational speculations of humanity thinking they have found true abstract working-wisdom. But, we must be careful to note the difference between abstraction and reality -whatever perception that might be.

            Mass media, communicative media, and especially the internet have allowed all forms of chaos, destruction, and yes, even “Death.” The ability through us to strengthen and magnify itself into epic proportions is more than just a cold human sickness, ironically enough it is life. We have become the new “addictions”, the “direct mental poison and death injectors.” We have allowed the “world-mob-mentality” to become the judge, jury, and executioners of all that will ever be -unless we destroy ourselves or some world catastrophe happens. If humanity exists for a few more eons, can you imagine what those humans will think when they review the history of our current state of life? I'm sure they will clearly state that, “They were all egotistical, idiotic savages in love with destroying themselves.”
            People generally are not in least bit cognizant of : causality, chain of consequence, or the intricate ways in which we are all connected in this human-created ideological-sphere. Most live in the fickle haze of their momentary existence, thinking it is(their own life) somehow important in the big scheme of things. Out of that self-importance, they wreak havoc in every way they feel fit to do so. Whether they do good or bad, since all things have an effect on the delicate connections, “Who knows what evil the human-butterfly wings (Chaos theory) have set into motion -even if they truly believed they were doing the right thing?”

            Death is the great awaking and the ultimate bar of truth-based reality(how utopian). Judge by this and you can see through most of humanities ideological haze and destructive-laden-ego. Western culture teaches: pacification, denial, every-lasting life, self sacrifice, and herd-mentality. All of these parasitic qualities turn “victim” and “martyrs” into “hero’s.” We do not glorify “cancer, sickness, or death.” So, why perpetuate what directly contributes to destroying all of humanity? We can not separate victims and martyrs from being apart of the overall problematic equation of life. Their influence has caused as much death and destruction as those we consider strong, and for whatever reason “right.” Does might really mean and equal right? Sadly, much of humanity still embraces the primitive qualities of: hypocrisy, fickleness, living in the moment, herd-mentality, serpentine modus-operandi, band-wagoning, the ease of programming(influence)-and the horrible list goes on without ending. You know, for as smart as we think we are, “Why do we still keep doing stupid shit?” That is the trillion dollar question.

            The world has as many opinions as there are people but, “Because you have an opinion doesn't mean you need to be heard.” I have learned that lesson the hard way. Almost in analogous fashion, only people of prestige and power deserve to have their lives and deaths immortalized, while the rest of us disappear back into the same soulless dirt that we have supposedly sprung forth from. Hypocrisy in life and death so it seems. Shakespeare was entirely correct about the world stage of life we live in -that is, if you can call it life or a rather slow protracted life-death. By that statement I suppose that makes us all the “living-undead.”

            If you remember that you will die, what humanity considers important will be seen as nothing(so-to-speak). And, what is really important will shine brighter than any light-house or human created knowledge. So, perhaps you should ask yourself some questions about life and death.

            If you really understood that you are going to die, would you be living your life the way you        are now?

            If you really understood that you are going to die, what would you do this instant?

            If you really understood that you are going to die, would you know the true value of life?

            If you really understood that you are going to die, how would your life change?

If you really understood that you are going to die, who would you want to spend your time with?

If you really understood that you are going to die, have you really done anything with your life?

If you really understood that you are going to die, do you know how to live?

If you really understood that you are going to die, what are you going to do right now?

            In conclusion, it is my belief that those who are fully aware and cognizant of the eventual and immanent end of their lives will live a more enriched and rewarding life. At the same time, we -humanity- have selfishly created endless roads that lead to death. The human race has so much potential but use that same potential to destroy itself in all ways daily. I would like to entertain the idea that there is something more, but then again that train of though may be nothing more than a program. Then again, your entire life may suck from beginning to the ending -and you just die.

                                                            The End.