Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tragic America - A Cry of Freedom

Our Nation should not be based upon Master and Slave relationships. Slavery has been one of the most damned curses upon our American Culture that has ever existed. No one should ever be a Slave or held to a standard less than what the Constitution has given them - unalienable rights. No matter what their status, their race, their beliefs, or their disposition in life - All in America are Free and have all that has been promised to them unless someone denies both the Constitution of the U.S. or the Declaration of Human Rights.

But it seems our Leaders see us as Slaves, Meal-Tickets, and Stepping-Stones for their own Political and money-fueled agendas.

So many Laws have been created that it is near impossible not to break a Laws. Perhaps we can only know Freedom by the amount of limitations put in place, but when did Free-People with unalienable-rights ever agree to limitations based upon Economics or a Master-Slave System.

America now currently exists upon an "Economic Slave Caste System."

There is no such thing as Majority-Rule in America. There is only "Money Rule." If the Majority did rule "We the People" might not be suffering in so tragic of times. Perhaps it is darkest before the dawn, but how can America claim to be the Shining-Light-of-the-World when we have engaged ourselves in the darkest, most unfair, and most evil of all dealings -destroying our own people and people abroad in the world.

How can we say we live in the "United States of America" when we are acting as the "Divided Republics of a Place once known as Freedom?"

We live in a land of plenty, but countless go without. Our country punishes, imprisons, enslaves and makes more people suffer that any other country in the world. We have more jails, prisons, and people incarcerated that any other country in the world! What kind of madness is this?!? It certainly is not American and it certainly isn't Freedom.

How can we truly claim Freedom where everything rests, moves, and dies on a dollar?

How much will you or I cost when we die? And what about our families?

One of the first things you learn about the U.S. Justice System is that it is an "Adversarial System."

Adversary can mean: Oppressor, Opponent, or Satan in Hebrew.

Personally, I can not agree with anything "Justinian" when it comes to the scope of Law because it is in direct opposition to true Freedom and all forms of unalienable human rights. It separates our humanity from being able to exist as an unalienable free sentient creature.

The Justinian universe of Logic and Law lessen, destroy, and murder the very heart and essence of all that it is to be human. For we are all imperfect and error. It takes singular details and turns them into weapons that become the foreshadowed-death of all human life.

When Justice embraces economics -just as morality and ethics- it becomes an machine that devours life, bone, and blood. The moment you dare to embrace Law (human created chicken scratching) is the same moment you embrace death. The moment you dare to embrace Freedom is the same moment you embrace life.

Instead of ending inequity, all Law based upon money and economics sets in motion the proliferation of ending destruction and evil upon human-kind.

The U.S. (government at all levels) seems to thoroughly enjoy doing three things to American Citizens: making them pay (in all ways for everything), penalizing them (in all ways for everything), and punishing them (in all ways for everything).

We have become the easy meal-ticket, the bloody-stepping-stone (let alone corner stone) for politicians to gain more money and power, and setup as examples to be shamed and punished in order to instill unwarranted fear into the lives of free people everywhere.

Once again, the majority do not rule. Only those with the most money, influence, and militaristic power rule. The Constitution says that it is up to the people to take back control when the government gets out of hand. But how do you correct an infinite-headed monster that neither hears, obeys, or bows down to those who have entrusted it with "their power?"

In this age, America Media (in all forms including news and entertainment) passionately shame it's own people. We make a mockery and fools of ourselves stored away unto damnation for all time so that future generations only see what we cut, pasted, and edited into a ugly fictitious oblivion. It creates distortions in the everyday persons psychological reality to the point that the lines between all realities are blurred. You could seek the truth and find only a mixture of infinite filters of perceptions, with few if any in harmony with one another.

The American News Media like American Government never consider or take responsibility for the lives they have damaged, destroyed, and murdered. We have brain-washed ourselves into thinking that if we are not perfect that we have no right being human. When was being human never to "error?"

Who can say our modern age is right when everyone has forgotten history, brain-washed by the present, forgotten in nano-seconds of each fickle and fleeting generation.

Just like now, no one really knew what was right or wrong fifty years to five minutes ago, but will scream and beat their chest in time with whatever human is screaming the loudest. The problems of fifty years to five minutes ago, the problems of now, and the problems of fifty to five minutes ago in the the future will still have the same root cause and issues -all of which involve us (human-kind).

The U.S. has entrained us to stay asleep, to be forever dumb and fickle, never waking up to the insanity that is the reality of the modern American Nightmare.

The U.S., exactly like the drug dealer of pacification and sedation, has got its people addicted to loving false-hoods that will destroy them.

Why would you pay someone to keep you in the dark?

Why would you pay someone to penalize you?

Why would you pay someone to punish you?

Maybe you should stop paying those green-backs(dollars).

Maybe you should cut your wrists and slice your own throats, because with the current U.S. Government, that is how we are paying - with our blood.