Friday, August 15, 2014

Battle of the Warrior Medicine Heart

What is in your heart?

I believe that there is something that separates what we are from the latent ego of the heartless savage within us. Our elements compose us in such a way that in this world we battle inside as well as out.

Studying many different cultures, warriors, and spiritual people has led me upon a path as infinite as the stars. It is obvious that the union is there, but so is the chaos. Hermetically, it takes much discipline to still the swaying pendulum. For if ever that pendulum swings to hard, it may in fact damage the riding vessel.

I have been: demon, angel, spawn, womb, creation, destruction, warrior, priest, empty, full, existent, and non-existent, and Goth.

Before me I have found the gateless-barriers and traversed and passed them. Many ladder of lights have appeared and I have ascended them. Created and broken many seals in my search for wisdom and knowledge.

In this element, the grosser world and elements that we know are primitive enough to make us thirst for beginning and ending. These things also compel us to leave this sordid state and aspire to become something more -if that is more than an imagining.

There have been moments in my life where I have experienced extraordinary things. Some philosophy speaks to the fact that I might have had something defined as an "NDE" (near-death-experience). The few times this has happened I have felt I have crossed somewhere or somehow (even if just an interpreted experience) and come to find there is something more than this reality. Yes, coming close to and experiencing death changes you if you are one who still lives.

Without knowing the difference between lesser matter and greater energy (as in intelligence and knowledge) I do no feel either I or others would have ever had the chance to evolve. At this time, it is clearly obvious that there can be life but it does not have a true awareness of existing or really living. In order to separate the wheat from the chaff, we must not assume metaphysically of any kind of imagined things. It is wiser to realize there is an infinite hierarchy in every form and dimension. These things have been pondered for as long as known history has been recorded.

Far too many live in the un-reality(illusion) of the material reality. Yes, it is very tangible to our extremely limited senses. With our basic physiological senses there is little way for us to comprehend a greater sense of totality in the small pockets of existence in which we reside.

To know what you are, your place, and being able to extend and see yourself beyond "you" and this "material reality" should be a extremely important aspiration.

Almost all knowledge that we develop here on this lesser level of gross reality, no matter how enlightened or inspired is still a "lesser gross knowledge". It is only so often that "pure distilled wisdom and knowledge" finds its way into our understanding.

All of these things are proved through various religions, sciences, and even physics. So, there is no need to imagine or embellish. To the evil or lesser mind, all of this is non-sense, holds no focus for them and is often subject to the limited mind and hatred of human-kind. Sad that most humans only live for so long. It takes a long period of time to develop the "long omniscient awareness" of time and space.

It is important to know who you are, what is inside you, and the path that you are/will traverse in this thing we define as life. If you seek good....if you seek evil -these things you will find in every degree, every action, and every form.

If you are not careful, you become what you seek whether knowingly or not. Without understanding your doubles, shadows, copies, and other alternate incarnations -you will not escape the wheel and become whatever your "willed-intention" manifests.