Thursday, August 14, 2014

American Food Stamps

The Nazi fascist state gives us a card to pacify us with food
The state denies you a job and to the bottom of culture you are glued

You can starve to death, lose honor or take the card
Paying for groceries with Food Stamps becomes the longest shaming yard

The card you try to hide not to be ashamed that you are starving and need
The folks behind you laugh and snicker with their shaking fatness and greed

People blame me because I live in poverty and am poor
No jobs hire you nor does opportunity come to the door

Each time I shove a piece of buttered bread in my mouth empty
I realize that the system of false money will never deliver or save me

I've slaved before and paid my life-blood money to government before
Have you ever walked through the ghetto and seen all the rainbow children crying on the floor

American Food Stamps like a hungry Red Scarlet Shame
I'm dying, hungry, and starving to much to admit I have this card and have to play the game

It is simple: "I can either eat or die. But the truth is, I already feel dead."

Have you ever cried your tears on a piece of bread?

America -I lived here and died here.

Family Sky Falling Down

Today I talked more with another Family member who is about to die. Time seems like it is forever until a Doctor informs you how much time you have left. Couple that with the rest of your Family that can not afford medical care any more than they can pay bills or afford groceries to eat.

It is crazy to think that in America -the land of milk and honey/or blood and money- a majority of its people are not taken care of, hungry, dying of medical issues -the greatest of all people are suffering and dying.

Insurance has just become an excuse(gamble) to pay which you already have no money to pay. Insurance is so bad that even if you pay it you don't know if that money you paid in will really help to keep you alive. But, it will fill the pockets of Doctors, Insurance providers, and politicians. Funny how these particular three sets of people determine whether you live or die

Many states do not have good or basic medical care. Sure, if you are Bill Gates or any other insanely rich person and have money, you will get help. If you live in poverty or are broke, you can expect to die guaranteed.

Even if I sacrifice my organs, work like a slave at a job that pays nothing, or attempted to rob a bank or something -it still wouldn't save my family. This awesome American system we live in is: merciless, makes slaves of its people, takes care of others more than its own civilians, .........it utterly broken.......and my Family has to suffer and die for what? Red White and Blue??? So far, all I have seen is the cold bodies of my dead and dying Family, and....the color Red -their blood.

The coldest lesson I have ever had to fully realize is that, "My Family and everyone I know will eventually die one day."

I wish things weren't this way. Feels like the 'Perfect Circle' song 'Weak and Powerless' endlessly plays in my mind on repeat.

I would give my life and everything that I am and have if I could make things not be this way. I would give it all so they would never suffer and never die.

If there is a higher power somewhere in this universe, please I beg you find my words and make it so. I will give you my blood, my body, and all of my life if you will save my Family. I beg it of you. Sacrifice me and save them.

Poem: Family Sky Falling Down

Faces trailed by bodies fall from the sky
To shocked for reasons lips ask not why

What do you feel when you see your family suffering
Eternal love, honor, respect,...or just suffering

My Family has always been poor
American culture only gives the rich the score
We are always dying with less
They are always taking more

Too broke to buy caskets to bury
Sweep up the ashes in a canned slurry

Each member can't afford medical care
Life has become an infinite mind-field of beware

Hard to hear your family talk about how much time they have to live
Between choking up and crying I wonder if there is more I can give
Hard to give when you have absolutely nothing
The world could care less even if you brought something

Forget the end of all days
My Family is dying in a myriad of ways

Pay-check-to-pacy-check has killed us all
Bills murder you as the mountains of envelopes fall

Now I look at my Family as the walking-dead
No prayers, thoughts, or meditations help them screaming from my head
The Family that you will love forever
Has become the people that live and die together

We are cut down before we even make a sound
Family Sky Falling Down