Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You, Criminal (Information Kills) - Poem

Today I thought not only about the people I know but the people who live in the surrounding areas. My homeland is starting to look like a 3rd world country and I definitely know what 4th world living is like. Almost everyone has a credit problem or a criminal problem. This issue at the center of this is "information." Thanks to our all-mighty internet criminal histories, shame, guilt, and hatred now last forever online. Anyone can access your information, find out where you live, and essentially know more about you than you.

I've been a victim of this -of others stalking me online, stealing my personal information and attempting to end my life by spreading vicious rumors. It is as we can live life no-more thanks to how information is used and abused even if it is in the so-called hands of who-ever thinks they are an authority. To me, I don't think it is right to play God with anyone's life no matter who you are or what your profession is.


Information Kills

You, Criminal
Forever your sins information subliminal

If you mess up, no second chances never look back
The Devil in the machine will cut your gut sack

Drone authorities feed the hive
You will be damned in death and alive

Criminal information stored in military stock-holds
Information kills at a rate faster than most common colds

The intelligent say it is necessary
The poor and weak think it is beyond scary

We are no longer white as snow
One background check will blow -your life away

You, Criminal
Mess up once and your life is over and gone
Internet sentinels gather information on you in order to make you wrong

Even if you changed the internet will forever make you damned
A credit card in evil hands puts your informational throat in demand

Internet, the greatest enlightened death dealing tool
Forever we are all destroyed by the information fool

You, Criminal

Information kills

The Terrible Web

In America...

...we might as well call ourselves spiders instead of human. Of all of our enlightenment we still act like primitive savages with information guns.

For a while I was watching the immigration debate over Mexicans coming into America illegally. America is pretty much founded on immigrants -but, this is different.

While out shopping at a local flee-market I over-heard some well tattoo'ed gang members talking about the new "infiltration." Basically the strategy is simple: Send all of the children and women over the border. This apparently is the first line of a covert militaristic action. Once the children and women get over the border they are sent to different places in America. Where they end up becomes a point of contact for the gangs and cartels. Since many of the children come here illegally most of them will have no chance, thus they grow up to be foot-soldiers in ever growing drug and gang violence.

Looks like America is about to become the United States of Mexico.

I don't understand why anyone would want to come to America. It is not the land of milk and honey as once thought. Now it is the land of blood and money. In order to get ahead some random fortune must either happen to you, or, you have to do something next up to an illegal hustle.

The Cops and Police are becoming more militaristic than ever before. Wars America fights over-seas are basically training grounds and demonstrations for what will be done upon it's own soil. Fat, drug using, weekend militia warriors act as if they are going to save the county, but the truth is most of them can barely see their shoe-laces over their belly.

The number of criminals in America (which is all Americans if you go by the Law) are as close as one room away from you. It is even harder to deal with Family when Family is nothing more than a luxury after the necessities for survival are met.

The politicians in America are interested in improving their resumes and playing golf while most Americas can barely live pay-check-to-paycheck. All we make is gone before it gets to us, and Uncle Slam-Evil has all Americans bent over back-wards on the receiving end of a sand-paper-dong. You can never own anything in America, always pay for it -and so will your family and children.

Old and decrepit politicians from by-gone eras and ways of thinking have egotistically, brutally, and savagely murdered all hope for a future in the land of Liberty. It is as if everyone in the world is frantically attempting to swim to the Mountain of America in hopes of reaching the top and not drowning in the madness that has become the world.

America promotes entertainment of every kind -the ultimate tool for pacification. Entertainment has become the staple addictive American diet right next up to sugar, salt, and nicotine. The Government has successfully made the largest majority of people in America: fat, addicted, pacified, stupid, unaware, utterly and totally weak and powerless. America messes around over seas and yet can not get things right on its own soil.

Democratic Capitalism has turned every Man, Woman, and Child against each other. America is now the Rome of the present with more blasphemy and evil than the past Rome. American Leaders build-up and program the people just to break them down and tortuously make them die horrific long deaths once known as life.

I'm not into end-of-times or Apocalypse, but the American craziness and world craziness keeps moving at a rate that makes me think that people enjoy destroying one another and their selves.

Right now, my family lives below the poverty level, pay-check-to-pay-check, and wonder what the next day will bring. The only thing we know is the eternal suffering of the present.

As much as I enjoy writing, music, and art -those things mean nothing when you have nothing, and are only good to those who can profit from them.

Today, I looked at the world, and, I don't want to be blinded or pacified -and, I surely do not want to die prematurely.

In America, all I can see at this time is destruction, hatred, and death -much like the rest of the world.