Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Last and Fleeting

We live as the end always ending
And yet wish for the beginning

Goth, I know it very well
A realistic life -the living a hell

I could wish for a second, third, or new life again
Those who are always quick to say I am not worth anything to mention

All we ever wanted in a dream
Between blood red moments trickling in stream

It is easier to get by and live when you have everything
Of all I have fought...I can give my family nothing

There is no religion, politics, or government that saves
Although they make believers through coercion directly into slaves

I have been a slave all of my life and only know limitation
It hurts to swallow, bled dry, bone dry, nothing but deprivation

If there is a God or higher power it has never heard me
It does not grant me death, nor from this Earthen hell does it free me

If you have money then you will live
If you are poor to you death will give

I've burned my family, buried my family, watched death take them all away
There is only cruel humor in the price of this damnation that forever we pay

Never have I lived a life of denial
But the world enjoys escapism and mindless revival

Trapped between culture politics and style
Hating this life more than endless miles

Slaves born into a false world of hope
Easier for rich people to talk and cope

All my family has literally suffered and died
Leaders and politicians, because of them -they lied

Today wondering about clean water and shelter
Political Correct elite act like serial killers helter skelter

My online world grows more worthless everyday
Thinking my thoughts would make money that would pay

We are losing everything: lives, food, water, and home
Like homeless starving transients through this world we roam

There is no such thing as a land of milk and honey
There is only politicians, tyrants, and war mongers of blood money

As a Goth inside I cry and die at the same time
Right now I wonder if my life has ever been mine.