Sunday, June 15, 2014

No More Stars

  1. NoMoreStars(echoes)
  3. NoMoreStars/carscribsfakefarse
  4. Sickofcelebrity/seewherealltherealpeoplebe(publicly)
  5. Burningbloodmoney/funnyforconcertsoutoftouchreality(finality)
  7. Theynomorebelieveinusnorwedothem/trim
  8. Buttheysureashell/sellusfakelivesandspin
  9. Mostofthemdon'ttalkaboutrealshitanymore
  10. Ripourlivesoff/coughforideas/Midastouchtotheirscore
  12. It'smoreamatterofmoneyandshitthatdon'tmatter
  13. Forgetthecelebritygossipdramaandchitchatter/disaster
  14. Forreal.

Guiding Light - Poem

  1. IradiaterayslikeaGuidingLight
  2. Dividingwrongfromright
  3. Providingwisdom/Kingdomcomestheanswerneededfortheequationtosum/dumb
  4. Answersfortheriddles/giggleswhenthebraingoesnumb
  6. Tobeisnotthequestion/lesson(s)hardlearned/burned
  7. Bythetruthguessing
  9. Alternateendingepisodelostmatrix/betwixthecode
  11. Andtheywonder/surrenderSnapsmySerpentineFlow
  12. MoneymakingmagnetsattractmagnetichollowHohoho's
  13. IsitChristmasyet/bet
  14. UnwrapmypresentstotallypresenttopresentthefactIknowmagnificence

Heart Drum - Poem

We have all seen/mean world bust as the seem (s)
Dreaming so hard our Dreams/Dream of having Dreams
I wonder if the violence/silence (s) what good is left
Nations upon Nations the battle for Freedom becomes a rift

Unlimited escapist pursuits waste away/play our youth
I would give up the greener side/ride for ever lasting truth
If living a good life was as simple as getting old
No doubt our lives by the once would be worth more than gold/sold

For some reason we can't get past fighting one another/wonder
As if the internet and T.V. has made our purpose to watch each other
Each day I watch my Family work hard and suffer
Fearing the day I lose my Father, Mother, Sister, Brother

I hope the End of Days are the days that never come
Right now all I can feel is the Truth Beating My Heart Drum