Saturday, June 14, 2014

Poetic Verse

Simple Dis June 14 2014

  • Your rhymes weak/wreak (s) of a limp/gimp infected streak (911)
  • Read my masterful prose/clothes like words every body's nose knows
  • Conveying/slaying all other false masters/disasters pen in paper raptures
  • Praise these lyrics/limericks word tricks/sticks bones and candle wicks
  • Use the best pens Bic's hard for you to breath/re-breath one word "Vix"
  • Inside me/free running an army of Slick/Rick (s)
  • One final fantastic word "Magnificent"
  • Cost Plus Profit

    • Madness/vicious/delicious my words notorious/glorious
    • Other rappers bore to the point of boring us(yawns)
    • Smother rappers rap ignorance/penance(pray)
    • Somebody say deliver us/seriousness(on the real)
    • Technique/unique talking trash like Big Bird small beak
    • Squeakers/Sneakers/Speakers kick bass/face the music I use it
    • If you knew I knew it everything/spring/worshiping powerful well so swell yo
    • My flow/know it's state of the art science/defiance/reliance(self)
    • You need a guide I'm guidance (that's strait up/follow up)
    • You get lost/cost I'm the cause of cost plus profit no loss (remember it)

    Free Verse June 14 2014

    • Like an arrested development/bent breaking bad out intent
    • Midnight/no light escaping the rules/fools flavor delight
    • Decide the name/game can't shame/tame the rise to dream/fame
    • Astounding/resounding money rain free prize no false frame
    • Chop top no flip flop yes hip hop fans scream/cream "du wop" and pop
    • What matters is the business/quickness raps/taps twist delirious
    • Why so serious clearly no fuss you ride the lyrical short bus/cuz