Monday, June 9, 2014

She was a fine girl

This girl -
She was like the finest kind of flirtatious fine,
seductive as a mic that spoke a bind graciously on my mind,
seduced like a diamond that shined a find spaciously divine,
said spoken somethings as she spun quickly as the fruit to the rind.

This girl -
Naked gyrated circles vibrated delicious ripples,
nuance beautiful created voluptuous delightful dimples,
next to every dutiful need craft-like victory-shaked cymbals,
nimble touched delivery soft center lava value priceless sex symbol.

This girl -
More than a mystery, sexier than pure stilled virtue,
made magic a delivery of female wizardry revealed la fortune,
mixed buddha, silk, and cess fondly whispered revelations volume,
material night sands endlessly floated in wonderfully relaxed fondue.

Damn, she was strait up fine.

Tow Flow

  • Caught shot begot whose who but whats not,
  • knotted like knuckles knitting so flat flirtatiously flagrantly fitting,
  • eyes flicker faster farther than a lost larger trip sip sip sipping and spiting,
  • While I'm smoking this genuine god good green got you now,
  • Hitting harder larger farther than a fat fantastic phenomenal
  • super-luminal ass milking a milk cow
  • You say shit how about that mount that pack that two handfuls of rack
  • Crushing with the wondrous weight of seven surreal elephants enlarged back
  • But wait, salivate respectfully ears annihilated bass vibrated
  • Stick to the sticky stuck stinky stiff stuffed and fluffed screen script
  • Wrap your wrinkled tickle giggle tongue tightly touching this pit
  • Unlimited unending universal hexagonal lyrical sideways twisted diagonal
  • You can cut cleverly concealing carefully constantly revealing distant uncertainty
  • As the gigantic girl giggles with squiggles booty shake and earth quake jiggles
  • Ba ba ba BOOM! I don't just destructively drop doom days club leveling bass
  • Ripping yards and waves of speak wire passionate desire delivery system
  • says I'm qualified way beyond being believably hired and admired
  • Death to all calls that I shall certainly be underhanded or fired
  • So fire fast and fill me up til I'm explosively pressurized and pop
  • Damn, I ain't even got started yet.