Saturday, June 7, 2014


Shut the shop down
As I crush with a war tactic

Building empires beyond dynastic
Spitting so hard becoming asthmatic
Put you in shock postraumatic
Make you want more like a crack attic
Into your brain transplanting classic
This is the music beyond the static

Makinng money for the sound of punchy
On my arm a fine sexy bunny
These wack fools like eggs runny
I be like a killer, call me Bundy
Fly across the pond strait to lundy
I know a that girl smokes me bluntly

As if I'm bleeding hash
Dripping green-gold cash
No need for the rehash
Im off to the races call me flash
Go ahead and get you a dash
While I sip on this goose mash

Like a fool, I'm strung drunk
Feel my kung fu flex and funk
Like a fool for love
Push and shove
Apply a glove
Dirty before I get clean
Perfect storm cold routine
All my crew strait convene
I drop hits crazy obscene

Cash, Lights, Fantastic
Watch me now like Magic

One of those stupid F'ng web sites, you too? (rant)

You know, I thought, "Ok, I will look for a new site to hang out at and interact with people" Boy that was a huge ass fucking mis-stake.

Another thing: surf a site, hang out at a site, troll a site -are any of these things really any fucking different? And, everyone is doing it, so what the fuck?!?

Everyone is worried about some dark-hole of cyber nerds spying on everyone, and I can tell you that doesn't matter one fucking bit.

Shit, based on the way almost all people act on the internet, "Why the fuck would anyone want to spy on you or give a shit about what stupid moronic self-fish perverted shit you are doing online?!?"

So, I'm thinking, "Yea, I can learn something on this site. I can improve my skills and meet new and inspiring people! This is THE site for me, it's so awesome! I feel the power of social interaction and knowledge!"

Why the holy sorry limp dry humping fuck would I want to connect with a world full of dooosshh-bags??!?!

(fwap fwap fwap).

Don't ever think that shit ever in your life. It's wrong, period.

If you think that shit, put your head between a door and a wall, and have a big hairy gorrilla repeatedly slam the door on your head until you are bleeding and unconscious.

Ok, I sign up and everything seems to be rolling along fine, and then,"POW!" The collective veterans (mostly shit-heads with no life) who troll these piece of shit sites and stroke each others egos -they ultimately shit on you, are the best friend of the owner/admin who they obey and serve (on their knees), then ban you, delete your account and work, and attempt to make a laughing stock out of you across the internet.

Woo-Hoo! That is exactly why I fucking signed-up, right???

Don't sign up for shit. If you start having a craving to sign up, have someone chop all of your fingers off and stab your eyes out with them.

The internet is still the wild west. If they say they are going to delete you, fuck with you, whatever -that is basically what is going to happen.

People think that this is some great "information age". What good is there in sharing if it's not really sharing, but this huge-ass competition that, is nothing more than a knock-down fucking drag out.

Social internet sites are not that social. How-To sites that never really teach you anything. Educational sites that are basically shitty and beyond comprehension. Picture sites that have become modern porn galleries or "look at me or what I got" types of sites.

I'm like, "Are you fucking for-real, and serious?"

Everyone seems to hate everyone if it is not one of those online-brainwashing cults, then I guess it doesn't matter.

I don't get online that much anyway, but shit -guess there are tons of reasons not to get online and stay off this troll-saturated-haterful-shit-talking-time-wasting-fucking-hole-of-the-universe that we call the "internet".

Fuck you "internet"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(rant over)

Free Verse - Gothic Country Rap Rock Pop Ballad

and the guitar goes, "Neer neer neer neer." pop the (stutter trick)bud bud bud bud bud-lites

(Oh shit, scareyyyy music!) (square dance of skeletons suspended from neon-light, strings)

(needle to tha wre-cord)(4/4)(subs, weird under-sampled sounds)(some fat guy blowing smoke through a straw because we were too cheap to get smoke machine)(bunch of white people dancing cause most white people dance obscene)

But hey and a b c d e f g (notes, musical, sometimes), and 1 yo, finished a Mt. Dew caffeinated like a crack head, living like a great-ful dead, watchin pys-ka-delic colors in the dark, under the sheets of my twin sized bed -dopple-ganger even.

My skater friends ask me if I wanna hit the pipe, and I said no, "I'm not into stale-fish either -way to ripe." No more than I listen to the song Seether -on repeat- but wait, it's a tele-fest beaver worse than a comic-con where no one wears deodorant with their costumes on -one word, "Zest" <that's a stick of soap, and some like it real zestfully clean, I prefer one kind of green, some call it dope, and no I don't slip, no need for a rope, unless falling from a plane, hope my chutes composed of jutes -twisted together tight.

Gotta shower full, of hot money pick'n women
They all know, my back-wood give'n -slurp a durp and pop!
Gotta shower full, of hot money scrubbin
If you don't love this track, I'ma give you some lov'n (like a chipper shredder)

(and a long-haird 80's guy plays a finger-frenzy on the guitar)

Boom, and they tell me you can't bleed a turn-up, that's why I keep a mattress stuffed with paper and pillow weighted with led, feel me extended like a clip, yea my back-up's well fed, if today is Black Sabbath, then I know between the two of us, we can be well read.

Yo, don't make me fuck you up with this large fry
And I gotta large shake too
Don't make me get super-sized on yo a$$
Cause I shoot condiments like warm glue

Buh buh buh buh DROP (wait, there's more)

Tip top faded
Zig zag shaded
On Youtube my tracks b-rated
Only moneys gurls get elated
And me eyes blow d-lated
With the lights on I'm G-rated
Know me now flip-side Graded

A - that's what I say, A - like a class of 1, A -let's get crazay babah, A -nothing more to say.

Now it's time to bury and flip the crypt. Skulls and Bones to your Mother.

Yo, word (fingers knitted in a weird athritic dark-side symbol)

(some stupid bitch laughs in the background, while scratching a record with a huge ass giggly booty dance)

Guilty, Criminal, Enemy, Innocent

Yes, I am guilty of being me.

Guilt for: life I love.
speaking the truth.
my passion which burns white-hot.
being rebellious enough to defy the rules.
the loneliness that comes when you let go.
the feeling that surrounds you after friends and family have left.
for liking good things in the world so many hate without reason.

Criminal because: I resist what conforms.
I break rules I do not agree with.
society labels whoever leaders tell them to.
there are so many laws, it is almost impossible not to break one.
I have dared to walk across the line in the sand and push the envelop.
I see the world for what it is and not what man-kind makes up.
life would be meaningless if I was not brave enough to stand up for myself.

Enemy because: People chose to hate.
I would not bow down or give in.
There is evil in the heart of human-kind.
I refused to believe in things I did not feel were right.
Some people don't want peace and refuse to like anything or anyone.
I am the opposite of what people expect me to be.
I choose to fight and stand up for myself against those that come against me.

Innocent because: I did not make the world this way.
Inside, all I ever wanted was to live my own life free of what ends life.
This world has a way of staining everything good and pure.
My intention and want are for things higher than the material or of the flesh.
I will never know enough, live enough, or do enough to escape myself.
When you aspire to what you feel is the highest good, it is what you become.
It is all I can be as people and the world will not allow me mercy for anything.