Thursday, June 5, 2014

Free Verse - Worlds Insane

I'm ready to just be me
Everyone else is, so fuck-it be free
Light it up, smoke it up
Strait-up stu-pee
While  conservatives
Jail-up all the open li-bree
If the haters come along
Scream, "Whoopie!"

Call security up on stage
I brought my own mic
The whole worlds enraged
Another free-bird locked and caged
One more law-trap societies gaged

The whole worlds insane
You can jump on-board or just complain
I got no problem being crazy
Tonight I'm ready 4 ya babah
If we want it
We gotta take it now
Make it real like you know how
We got no shame in our game babah
Fuck it drive me crazy

Free Verse - Savage White Bread Token

That joint didn't fall off the truck. It hit me harder than a crop in June right after May, and the White Girls go, "Do Do Do Doobie waa".

Yes, I speak like a Savage and understand them too, another white pedantic straw-boss with his rules, "Boo hoo hoo." But I'm white and hate the ivory tower position, which in most cases is the last 3 inches of their egos missin.

Of all the glory and hour, read one piece and get bored til the critic comes along to sower. Might as well spit, shit, tell me one person who isn't sick of it.

They got no soul, not even a switch, but alotta hateful words, worse than that fix-itch, switch'n and twix-n like vixen position the flavor to savor a phillizzzz wrapper tight hit the flame my eyes light up at night, and the whole world goes out of site -shit, it's fantastic!

Yes, I speak like the streets, or school I can sound like Kings pocket fool too as if they knew how well they play that kazoo, and it might as well be a flute, cause in the real world, they are all apart of the same def choir -damn, go ahead and start a fire, run them off the edge in a street car named desire, damn...I'll even strike the match -ding ding ding, count that meter while you sing, does that lil bit make your bell ding, or has all that grey matter become an empty platter?

Yep, from the cities, to the internet, screaming "hello hello" through the bricks in the wall, hell naw, I don't need you to give me and education, as a few wise men have wisely said, "If it don't make money it don't make sense," and all the haters have a way of bank-ruptting off at the textual-mouth to the point all I know is that, "They are full of it."

Say what you want, art is what it is, until you get mixed up with the know-it-alls, whose words peter-out and fizz -worse than pop rocks, but don't tell'em the modern age has passed them by, "Like every word they wrote or critiqued and never felt." Hell, one right word spoken for all people is enough to make me melt -sometimes like Cheese even.

And as I bring my free-verse to and end, yes we all have a world to attend, and as I smoke and roll, I will never like the hate in this world that flows like the blood-wars for money and oil, damn, don't that shit make your skin boil?

Freedom is more than a word or a virtue, it is what you fight for, and that is what makes you, You.