Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vegas Red Robot Love

Vegas Red Robot Love

Vegas Red Robot Love
Glittering with machine dimension
Like a strait line wire
Transmitting projections in a perfect cirle
Our bed was a wasteland
Two cyborgs without a valid connection
I tried to touch her holographic face
As it fell apart in spark-shower destruction

I searched the matrix looking for parts

To put her together again
But her design was much more complex
Than I had seen before
An aesthetic of digital beauty
That was nothing but electric feel
To touch the surface of her gothic-electric shell
Would make my program real


Touch of electricity
Cybernetic Robot Love
Turn me on in virtual reality

Vegas Red Robot Love

Feeling without protocol
High-speed connection
No IP to resolve
We became our own obsessive DNS
As if to form a private network
The spiders of her heart
Accessed all my keywords
A three-way-handshake
Became the pleasure of the interface
Kisses better than packet switching
All the poisoned arps died away
Virtualized we programmed Shangrala
Electric souls becoming Ka

Two cyborgs alfoat the ocean-net

Tranmission Connected