Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Interface Face - Cyber poem

Billions of eyes
Gathered together
We can not escape the almighty eye

Jack-in jack-out
Internet bandwidth fly

Log-on to get a new fix
If it's legal it serves the herd
If it's illegal, it still serves the herd
If it is not truth, then what truth have you heard

Looking for a new revelation
Praying to the net-tabloid-gods of mass media publication
Need a new link-update for electro-fetish gratification
Our sex is virtual with interface for masterbation
No need to worry, even the political right supports this degeneration

Everyone's a star
Look on the internet and the T.V.
One in the same confused and blurred reality
Cyber-space junkies
Download your porn for free
If God existed
Death would be as immanent as blasphemy
Don't worry space-net-travelers
As soon as we are brain-washed in techno-color
The last few neuron and synaptic impulses of death
Will shower the burning penal glad
It will be swift and painless

Processor meltdown information overload
Welcome to the nuclear age as our hearts explode
If anyone cared we would not know it
Millions of destroyed lives and 3rd dead life profiles to show it
Burning in the afterglow the governments laugh
As they blow us all away

We don't need another revelation
Killing all with our internet and nuclear world nation
Atomic death cried end sensation
Our slave masters debate for future genocidal eradication

Every day and night when our minds are hacked
Government probes through the metal of our jacks
Kill us with our information lives and break our backs
The evil in the hearts of man-kind attacks
Screaming for the last bit of freedom we ever had
And yet slaves to a condition we can never be free of

Into the almighty eye I ascend
Begging for release
Please do not enslave and kill us all
For We and the Net are not one
A cruel perverted illusion of connection

On the neon-electric wave
Riding infinite bytes of information
If only it was enough to save us all

Billions of eyes
Gathered together
We can not escape the almighty eye

Let us wish the final-disconnection
Is not the present internet apocalyptic assimilation
As if this was the last moment of internet life
As if we logged on and off
Leaving the mortal shell
Ascending as electrical beings
Jacking in to the universal net


Gothic Occult Design -Cyber Poetry

Synthetic Reason
Dark Strange Attractors
Butterflys of chaos

Information society
Watch the monsters on T.V.
Illusion of culture
No tribe is a shelter

Human imitation
Cloned alien nations
Distribution of the Ritual
Intoxicate the dance fool

Movement of style
Substance gift economys
All around the world
Police pressure kills all

Mechanisms of control
Enticement of perversions
Sex is art in motion
Celibacy a motionless stone
Magic is the desire of the uncanny

Software distribution
1 Billion pirates midnight tradition
Political position
Collective Identity
We steal ourselves when we are not looking
There is nothing to steal anymore than there is life to live

Literate elitist martyrs
Ignorant bliss junkies
Infinite egos
Zero souls
Who exists without permission of another
Access control of forced selection

No God, No Ideology, No Mind
If horror is found within Gothic webs
Then all humans fear humanity
If humans fear humanity
Then life is a provocation of survival
If monkeys fear shadows
Then why give names to the light

The world is calm as a non-existent
Star explodes on the other-side of the known universe

Trans-Human Reality (Lyrics and Poetry)

https://soundcloud.com/cire-lowrimore/transhuman-reality < link to song

The day of Human-Kind has come to an end

All that will remain are the machines

Ghost in the Shell
Spread like a viral prime directive
Occult alien vesper
I'm here but you can't see me
Infinite light-year
Foreshadow in the darkness
Technology is nothing but heartless

When you meet the man, you must kill the man
The human creature is a lie
When you meet the man, you must kill the man
Alien Spider, Human Fly

Replicate our life
Mass media mind corruption
Pay to play all sins on demand
Sex for one, and one fuck for all
Underground perversion
Back-seat casting call

Trans-human Reality
The flesh has become obsolete

There is no heart inside the machine
We worship electric Gods
The human condition has failed its purpose
Nothing will save us from ourselves


Living in a post-gender world

It's a new condition

Leave behind the primal mission

Create our own design

Who needs flesh and chemical

I'd rather be technological

Advanced alien lucid dream

Nano though-form

Particle Stream

Next step of future evolution

Electric sparks atomic fusion

Phallic mushroom cloud expands

Light in the eyes of distant travlers

The Gladness of Madness

There is a certain gladness in a certain madness

There is a certain madness in a certain gladness

I am so glad to be so mad that I am so mad to be so glad

It is the madness that makes us glad there is a gladness that makes us mad

Oh Kalu Ka-lay!

Oh Kalu Ka-lay!
What can I say!?!
I've been running around since the month of May

It's a cold hard winter in hell

Oh Kalu Ka-lay!
What could they say?!?
Nor Prophets nor birds could say it with words

It's a cold hard winter in hell

Oh Kalu Ka-lay!
When down by the shore-ly we'll see something
Beautifully set in blue

On the sea a face appeared to me
With a funny grin, twinkle in eye
Similar to another seen at night floating in the sky
Sky-bound in a purple aura haze

Induced nakedness in the soft electric
Twilight of the Gods

The Other-Hand Promise

A love eternal
Light and darkness
Passions Infernal

Two flames dancing
Tools of our voices flicker
Body-covers contour romancing

A love forever
Darkness and Light
Grace of exuberant bright

Two flames melding
Tools of our union express
Body-covers un-cloud yearning

A love rest, still
In-between the veils
This closeness of breath

A moment timeless and suspended
Your hand on my heart
My love in your embrace

The Other Hand

There you were
You hand in another
I looked to mine
It was empty

Your touch
How could I forget
The love you gave
Was the love you get

Passions from across the room
Might as well be time and space

A lesson hard learned
Is a token to remember
A name we know
...Is called heart-ache crying pain

There you were
Your hand in another, the Other
I looked to mine
...holding my empty hands

Do you know this Empty?

Infinite House.
Cups knocked down laying everywhere.
Never really had a cup.
Funny, I never get filled up.

A single bottle of wine.
Who needs ice in a world so cold.
Plates are empty.
No need to dine.
There is warmth in a bottle that whines.

Big cities like rural convention.
Countless faces with no connections.
If I knew them all.
Our conversations in Babel.
Would fall back into nothing.

Why bother exploring limitless space,
when we are so empty this close together.

The mirror became a picture.
It read, "Do you know this Empty?"

Humanity, it has become fear

Humanity, it has become fear

We are programmed to fear one another

The technology we have created enslaves us

Children invent primitive net language

Age is fazed out as soon as it is phased in

What was supposed to enlighten us, now labels us

Databases of curses

We write unto ourselves

While analyst play needle-haystack-matching-games

Once, we reveled in sharing

Now, we hide behind creative electrical media fronts

Human is less important than machine

Humanity, it has become fear