Monday, June 2, 2014

We Are A Goth Band | INDIE ALASKA

It is not often that you find a Goth band that is entirely down to earth and real. So, please take a moment out of your time and check out Cliff and Ivy - An awesome Goth band from Alaska.

Goth - Beyond the ties that bind.

After doing some research I wanted to write a informal essay -no structure- on ideas related to Goth which I am exploring further. I may expand and correct this for future reference.

From the 12th century onward, "Goth" has been defined in countless ways of which never seem to find any definite agreement in the community. Even in this present, the debates are endless and always revolve around music, fashion, or style. These are outer or external elements of Goth, not the the very bones and flesh of what comprises the Goth-world however ideological or imaginary it may seem.

To consider and live a "Goth-Life" is a certain and eccentric mode of living with a type of programming -like all life-styles- that can lead to there-of-which the Gothian may aspire to the heights or depths of living."

Definition Gothian (in this text): A modern Gothic/Goth person engaged, immersed, and living by the standards and practices of the present World-Goth-Community. The Gothian Race includes all individuals with their combined life-styles and practices of modern Goth culture and life-style.

From horror, to aristocracy, cyber, romantic; I feel that most Goths forget about the "spatial, temporal, and cultural movements of Goth." The very momentum that has brought the Goth-World to this moment has been forgotten. Mainly, Goth is not limited to punk, 16th century Goth-Lit, or what seems to only traverse the dark and winding paths of oblivion. For Goth moves and animates within the Light, Darkness, and all ascending and descending path-ways.

Goth does have a strong affinity for "Truth". So, we might say that, "What seems a focus only upon blasphemy or the macabre, is an open view free of the denial of reality. It is by a certain way of life that Goth bestows a wisdom that can realistically be lived by and fully experienced in Life."

If you were to take all the music, the fashion, the style, the attitude and distilled it down into its finite parts, we would see an essence that is the true binding force that has given Goth its vitality.

Can you remember listening to "Bela Lugosi's Dead" and think about the way it sounded -which made it Goth? Is it the fashion, the festivals, or music that are the organs which give Goth merit or substance? No, I say it isn't if you take the time and make the effort required to see deep into the heart of the matter.

What about the space in which Goth resides and moves?

Are there really any formal, inform, ethical, or moral structures?

What about the temporal -mental- (What Goth operates and travels; medium)?

It is true that language and the language of expression directly influences and impacts how the spatial and temporal elements live by sustaining the societal culture of Goth. There is always the detachment between the social ages (young verses old) and aesthetic dilemmas which I feel hardly merit any kind of strong devotional arguments for measure.

Also, I think I would have to re-tract the theory that any person or group in any part of the Gothic-Timeline has had any ability to directly influence the Goth-World with unquestionable omnipotence. It is an ever-changing amorphous hive churning and cycling upon itself. 

Rebellion of the Punk-era has been dis-proven by history itself to be the root-genesis of Goth. Through the centuries, there has been a huge and diverse universe of Gothic expression. It is rather sad to think that only in the later part preceding the 2000's, would anyone dare to solely credit what we know of Goth -in this present age- as "the age". Punk was more or less a by-product or spin-off of memetics and other cultural attributions inkling the manifestation of the aforementioned genre. The same can be said for industrial as well. If you look at the core elements and details, these same factors can be used and applied across history to discern all things Goth.

Defining Goth only by music, fashion, and current lifestyles is like living life entirely online without experiencing all the world has to offer. Without making the effort to explore all the possible experiences of which the Goth-Life has to offer, leads the person of the average-Goth-Life to fall drastically short of the full gamut of engaged Gothic possibility.