Sunday, June 1, 2014

Goth Strange Art

Goth A Weird - Random Ideas

Goth Temporal - Random Ideas

Ripple (Poem)

I watched the world fall away
I watched the world burn
Once I was pure
Only for hate do people yearn
Once, I slept in fear
Now, I await death
For this is what the world has become
Counting each breath - as a last
Can you see
The ash that was my soul
Empty as my life
Taken away by other control
There is nothing left
To bleed in this shell
All you wish for me
Is an endless nightmare hell
Society has turned me into nothing
As much as I want freedom
The current world only allows me to see death

I used to think it was a tragedy, but I have
become a weak joke passed from the lips of those
more evil than me.

As a child, I used to think the world was
beautiful, but it is only beautiful if you have the
power and money to promote propaganda.

My family - only a few have cried since the world
crowned me with damnation, and the lonely
darkness has become my only friend.

If the light shines, I do not see it.
If there is love in this world, I do not know it.

In my heart always a child, now and forever
fearing governments, society, herds, and nuclear

I sat on the side of the road and juggled my life,
while travelers laughed at me, spit in my face,
and wished me death.

All I ever wanted was bliss and life.
Tonight, I will sleep with my eyes wide open.
Tonight, I will reach out to a distant lover that I want to love, and yes fuck
, and yes fly away beyond the primal chemicals.

Yes, tonight, I shall hold my breath and hope
that I die. And if I awake, I wish to awake with
you, walk with our hands and faces fused
together - as forever explodes into the eternal
moment of passionate nothingness.

My lover, you, where
My body grows cold without you
I ugly, unknown

A single tear drop
A single blood drop

Dust (Poem)

...The world, huge
Try to scream
So many screaming
I am not heard
Drowning, under countless waves of egos
Mass consumption
I have nothing to sell
My life -it is not priceless, it has no worth
Stars - I don't know what they are, but people
say they are famous. I famously suffer for I am
not a star.

I am the frame of a fire in boundless space
Casting no shadow, I do not see my vision, I do
not reflect, but not for wanting

Music of the spheres haunts me
I must tell no one I hear the music -they think
me mad, And I thought I was happy, maybe just

Burned the incense, smoke given in
remembrance that all should end in fire -or, at
least that is the dream I am told

Crushed, the all seeing eye is too much
A pen-less scribe, my language primitive
The cults can not have the thing that's called a

The wave of countless ego kills me
I have met myself, killed myself, and realized
there was no self

The picture box flickers with talking heads
Gods from distant realities with game shows,
singing parrots, and political magicians of illusion

The human animal died crossing the universal
road, we live cliched copied existence

Those of us, on the edge, seeking to push and get
knocked down, bought out, and the made into
good citizens

In the sky a mirror dripped the last endless
reflection, my spirit animals tried to hold the
shield, big brother came to kill us all, and...is

My family looks like candles burned to nothing,
their shadows burned into the walls of my temple

Hark, hark, for we are the dead
Those already dead laugh and sell us happiness,
in sweet poisons so that we my die in denial

Today, the sun burned the paste white of my

A honey bee buzzed a mantra I had never

In the distance, I saw a coffin shaped like a
world, this world, and we were all skeletons
building it

As I ate my last bitter-sweet sugar cube,
lightning flashed upon the distant branch -the
ends of my eye-lashes, quivering

...Can you hear the song of forever?

My love, it is a shame you will die...
Your beauty was the only life I ever knew...
...To sleep, to dream.......away