Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Fav quotes

This week -what a I don't know what. Anyway, here are some of my quotes from this week. Enjoy.

If men(some) have a small penis, then, what does that say about cavernous, trench-like, bottomless-abyss to which the penis can not appease?

I'm not against feminists at all. Give them the world, and let's see how far they get. I'd like to see what would happen.

Yes, I am a bad writer, bad at everything I do. That is why I take off all of my clothes, screaming, raging mad, and thrust right in.

My fav writers are female. Why? They provoke what it means to a man. Male writers too, but they have managed to exorcise their m-hood.

Sadly, I have come to find my favorite authors stroke their egos, auto-erotically, while fingering words from their dictionaries.

Joyce Carol Oates Your messages come off like a dry-humping pedantic dung beetle, defecating piles of decayed verbage. Unlike your Novels(?).<3

If we only write for ourselves, then what good is an audience? fans? readers? friends?....................lovers? for others, I express.

No teacher do I have. But, I would rather be a good writer than to have all the money in the world. I miss Plath.

Irony: Stars immortalized forever; Modern writers die and placed upon dusty forgotten shelves. (That is enough to make me cry.)

Sure, I am a man and think with my penis. Why? Your perception of me would allow for nothing else. And I, thought you the world.

Yes, I remembered when you died. Stabbed me the heart, and wrote my name in the book of death next to your bed.

There is no such thing as right or wrong. Ideologies abound like flavored trends of the week.

In a world dominated by egos, never expect to succeed through your ego alone.

False associations on social networks never leads to money, status, or fame. Anyone can deceive through numbers.

People only Love you when it is convenient for them to do so.

It is better to tell others what you have done, as opposed to what you will do.

Demonstrate. Do not explicate. 

It is said people only want: romance, fantasy, and avoid truth. But really, what is the difference between the three? There is none. 

All humans are Vampyric to some degree -with, or without blood.