Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dancing Death

Dancing Death
A movement of still motion
And the eye of the sleeper
We know not this dream

Until we dream
The moving ocean
Distortions, undulations
Can you hear the song
Do you sing this song
Are you the death that dances

It seems all a fin de siecle
Trapped by plays of chiaroscuro
Temporal and spatial
The agony and ecstasy
Locked in battle
Light, Darkness, Hue, Form, Absence

Dancing Death
Wind upon a still repose
A body empty and filled with not

Time, space
Bent and destroyed by nothing
Atoms, flesh, dirt
Other creatures invest themselves
We never know them like they know us
There is no meaning in what does not exist

The maestro, the composition, the orchestra
Stars, already dead, decorate the sky
But only within the skull of oracular vessel we see
And when that light dims, light enters a hollow, degrading

The Last Bones, the Last Gods, all dead
The ocean is filled with bodies
They become the primordial stew of sup
A new Genesis of death Beings
Living in procrastination of our design
Slowly, disintegrating
From when we came
Returning to the nothing

A scarab rolls forever as an exit of past things

For all the Light you will ever see in this Life
Is through eyes always dying
And in Death, Light but no vision

Dancing Death

T'was what we always were