Thursday, February 27, 2014

Goth - the imitation, the cynicism, the hateful sarcasm, the...shame

...At some point,  you start to wonder,...when does crime, the hate, the cynicism, and the shameless self-promotion of blatant evil make for good Goth or an underground scene?

Do we selfishly make Goth into something that others will not want to know, or ever experience, if there are those within the community that destroy, distort, and defame the entire Gothic Gamut for the rest of us?

So, you do realize that when other Goths fuck up, that shit reflects upon the rest of us? You do understand that? And how do we as Goths conduct damage control? Seriously, think about that shit, "When others in our community figuratively and literally fuck up, it damages, hurts, and destroys us as well."

If you claim to be Goth, you do know that everything in the World Gothic Community is how we will be judged, it will effect how we are treated, and, it will even determine the level the world decides to respect us and our worth.

What will be the consequences for us, when others have destroyed all that we so hold dear?

What happens when other Goths judge every other Goth so harshly, so severely, point out all their flaws, shun them for troubles and problems, and deny them because they do not live up to the egotistical definitions of others idea of Goth?

How can you love the Gothic Hero, if you have not lived up to that expectation? How can you hate the criminal, or deviant, or pervert, or the dreamer, or the lover if you are doing the 'Hypocritical Two Step'?

How can you espouse to love or hate every wicked, vile, bloody distortion of what it means to Goth if you are so fully embraced in denial or hypocrisy that you have not the ability to understand either?

Do you just 'Cherry-pick' the 'Goth-Tree' and accept what only you want and discard the rest? Is your Goth-World the only world that is right in the Universe of Goth? Are your Goth experiences, friends, lovers, fans, customers the only people who are supposedly the 'Goth-Right Wing'?

It has been said that there is no such thing as bad press, but what does that say about those who fully and entirely embrace that maxim, whether they have money, fame, or popularity?

I think it is still sad that many in the modern community (and especially those owners of various internet sites) play the cards of darkness within the hole that is their heart.

They have family, friends, and even customers, and yet time and time again assume no sense of responsibility for the causality and effects they set in motion. Some of them monitor sites, set up scenarios in order to entice others into believing somehow that, there is a reason for all that they do. When it comes to the current entire Gothic World Community, this is the un-debatable truth.

When does sickness, the twisted perception of reality, the vile and hideous distortion of reality become the embracing or selling point of Goth?

How and why would you destroy others in the World Goth Community, whether you thought they were on your so-qualified-and-experienced-level? What makes you so special and precious that your stance in the Goth world makes your words, deeds, and actions hold any merit? Why would you choose to destroy, or laugh at, and shame your own kind, seriously? What do you stand to gain by making others less than the less that you have always been? Think about it.

It seems there are more outlets to sell you something, even if it is a not so obvious sell. Other than the internet, how are we preparing and making the future for the Goth Culture strong?

Do we constantly sell violence, twisted realities, mental problems, steady 4 on the 4 banshee screaming music into oblivion, etc. -do we costume our very essence of self until it is unrecognizable to even ourselves? And, how many more blogs or DIY, or Fashion, or Books do we need to further the argument?

Oh yes, certainly we are the experts. Oh yes, my friend list approves. Oh yes, we are so fully qualified, educated, and experienced to the likes we claim some form of 'Goth-Dom'?

And when the English Nazi's, the Music Nazi's, the Style Nazi's, the Official Super-Star Goth Nazi's come out of the closet and point the fucking bony putrid finger -when and how will true World Goth Culture be defined by these hideous charlatans of selling fictitious generalities only to line their egos and pockets, oh fucking my! As if the world at large does not already hold us as the best of the best on-going, stereotypical jokes to be laughed at for the ages! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT!

How fucking laughable!

Do we simply say what we want to hear, see, and say to keep our Sacred Stereotypical Goth safe and secure in our possessions? You like being a stereotype, don't you? Keep playing the same games, don't you? Or, maybe you feel you need to be apart of something, don't you? Certainly there is worth to you in the skin of Goth of which you are portraying, correct?

When was the last time you read something, saw something, or participated in anything related to Goth that wasn't more of the same, and made you think?

Obviously, if you can not think, then by what chance are you Goth?

Goths have always been independent in thought as in life, but now, it seems to be one long endless herd of followers, following those who have nothing to follow than the power of repeating everything that may or may not come into their awareness. Supposedly those of any status within the World Goth Community have no ideals of: History, Ethics/Morality, Consequences, or anyone outside of their followers list. When you really contemplate that, what does it say?

Can you be your own Goth?

Can you be your own Goth without being imitative of all the things that have come before you in Goth?

And, whether you acknowledge the history of Goth(word Etymology, period Literature, and those true pioneers of Goth) the fact is that the history stands.

The history of all things related to Goth are so much stronger, vibrant, and self-sustaining than anything in this modern day that even remotely stinks of a quaft of Goth.

When was the last time you assessed your self-expression as a Goth? Is it original, did you copy it, and how can you tell yourself that you are not lying to yourself? Are you Goth, or, a pot mixed full of whatever you decided throw in, and then write and post pics in order to draw the world into a delusion?

Cynicism - the World Goth Community is saturated like a fat pig sweating in the bloody butcher shop waiting for the slaughter. It really is so much like the status quo that our eye-liner is crying black, or rather, wouldn't it be nice (if any Goth really knew such a thing) that the cynicism, the hateful sarcasm, and...the shame-game left the lips and minds of those who self righteously spew such tomes with every juvenile breath?

Goth has nothing to do with elitism, nor some perverse perception or denial of reality.

So, where do You stand as a Goth, if you so claim to be such a thing?