Monday, February 24, 2014

Gothic Freedom - What is it; what does it mean?

"One person's hero is another person's terrorist." - Anonymous Quote

Freedom Fighter Definition (Wikipedia) - freedom fighter is a person engaged in a resistance movement against what they believe to be an oppressive and illegitimate government.

For those who are Goth, some of you probably understand what this means. For those who are not Goth, I am sure it has its own meaning to you. At this point in time Feb. 24th 2014, our world has truly become more insane than it ever has before. Don't get me wrong, thanks to humanity in general, our entire known history could be considered insane.

Lifestyles of any kind could be considered horrible, or, looked down upon, and yes, this includes Goth. I myself do not embrace all the ideals of Goth, save for the fact that I believe Goth is very closely related to survivalism, and having a realistic outlook on reality. Goth to me also says that, "Goths understand the world is not perfect, and would rather deal with reality, than pipe-dreams and fantasy."

There has never been any defined consensus as to how our 'Gothic Ranks' are supposed to act or conduct ourselves, other than a few goths attempting to make a quick buck off of the lifestyle. I will say however, that there are an extremely few Gothic Individuals who are attempting to set a pro-active example of what Goth could be despite the multitudes of ignorance embraced by not only other Life-Style Cultures, but especially our own.

Ethically, Morally, and in the Stereotypical 'Eyes of the World At Large', the entire World Gothic Community appear to all be deviants, suffering terrible mental problems, and are nothing more than Rebels, Good For Nothings, Childish Foul-Mouthed Perverts, and some of the most egotistical people to walk the earth. But really, is this what we -the World Gothic Community really are? By what standards and practices DO YOU add to the culture in a way that does not destroy it, or make it harder for those who have been living it all of their lives, while you play make-believe?

I also believe books, movies, television, all media outlets have completely turned a Goth-centric life into something it never was, synergistically mixing it with whatever square peg seemed to fit into the ever-so-similar round hole(?). 

At one time, Gothic ideals embraced beauty, honor, respect, and highly loved and espoused all the wonderful virtues of life. Now, it seems nothing brighter than the dark opinionated ignorance that is stereo-typically branded upon our kind. Almost a strange way to think of Modern Goth in a striking contrast to the Original Goths some 2000+ years ago in antiquity.

Because our Gothic Life Style is an extreme of difference when compared with the sheep of the status quo, we in fact become 'terrorist upon the conditioning that sheep know as freedom'. Have you ever thought about the Freedom that we have, or how that Freedom might compromise other Goths, or even Sheep if we pursue our Gothic LifeStyle with an entirely lewd and wreckless abandon. What happens 'after the thrill is gone'?

Freedom also implies a sense of separation. So, what are we separating ourselves from? That is something you seriously need to contemplate. You can still be a good person, have a productive life, and full-fill all your Gothic-Ambitions if you do not compromise your own Liberty and Freedom to be Gothic. But, if there are those who will compromise the lives of all Gothic people by their actions, words, and deeds, then what will be left for the rest of us? Oblivion?

I encourage you to become intelligent, refined, and strong. I also implore you to avoid that of which is not of the Highest Ideals of Refined and Disciplined Gothic Etiquette.