Monday, February 10, 2014

Impetuous, taking chances, failing miserably

Take chances, fail, fail a million times, fail -until you succeed. It's the same way with anything in life. From a Gothic point of view -(fade to reality) it's a daily lesson learned well. I'm not proud of the fact that those I would call my own kind of still hide in the shadows, behind screen names, and are 9 to 5'ers without anything that speaks to who they are. Even the movie and TV stereotypes still suck.

Yes, yes, yes - I know that the world is hateful, spiteful, and totally un-excepting of the life styles of the multitude. But really, when do you stand up and embrace what makes you different? When do you find the beauty and strength to be more than another pic or blog online, selling your soul to make a difference in life?

Billions of 'I I I ME ME ME MY MY MY's all screaming louder than an entire world dedicated to attention whore-ism. Or, are we hustlin' everyday like Rick Ross? Seriously, which one is it.

Me, I'm impetuous(not always), have taken more chances than I can count, and, have failed more than anyone I personally know of. I know, there are those among you saying, "You suck!" Yea, well, if I suck, then I suck like no one has ever sucked before, I suck with a purpose, I make it my point to suck so hard and so long, that one day, I will be the master of 'suck' (lmfao!). But on the real, freebies don't come without a price, a reason, or a prescription for the patient in need.

I personally feel that online social networks, pics (nude or other-wise), music -it just isn't enough to get the entire 'Goth' or 'Underground' experience. In a way, I think you only get that by living it. When it comes to business, I'm always going to hold a reservation about playing people to make a buck. But, if you enjoy what  you do and it is apart of your life, then so be it.

When it comes to Goth and Underground, you really do have to be impetuous, take insane amounts of chances, and be willing to fail when we all know that you can only 'get in where you fit in'. And, if there isn't a place, you have to make it, and if they won't give it to you, you have to take it. No shit.

If you are in the Goth or Underground, or Geez, even the Steampunk arena, then take chances. Don't concern yourself with what others are saying or doing. Re-define the playing field, show the world what the real new new is. Be a leader always, and follow when it's entertaining, but not at your own expense.

Goth and Underground are about choosing to become 'aware' to some degree of those things the regular status quo is not, or will not admit to. It is also learning about yourself.

Heck, I've learned even http://www.steamgirl.com/ need love too.

Diversity, "Why not?"

We all want to be somebody, or sometimes, many somebody's. I say, "Why not?" Maybe one day, you want to be a sinner, the next a saint, or somebody famous, or a strait-up no-body.

As human creatures, I think our complexity just calls for it. From our families, to our friends, and the world in general; all of us have a huge diversity (or personae) that we take on from day to day. This is should not be confused with M.P.D. (multiple personality disorder).

Our personal relationships are the same way. Why not be the Alpha Male one minute, then, totally submissive to a beautiful woman? Or, a fierce independent Woman one minute, and then a Super-Vixen that makes every man's dream come true? I say, "Why not?"

In this world, you can literally be anything, or multiple anythings that you want to be. Entertainment (the Grand Art of Illusion) does this every single day. Those being actors and musicians rely heavily on those principles. At the same time, many balance reality with fiction. But, I believe we are at a point where those lines are past that of blurring, and have become 'one in the same'.

Goth, Country, Ghetto, Modest, Prude, Villain, Hero - you name it. I think we, and 'You could have it all'.

Maybe I want to go to church one minute, then run naked through the fields with pagans. Maybe I want to be a folk music singer, then, turn around and sing Goth, Country, Rap, or even Polka.

Maybe I want to tell everyone in the world that I love them, and then, turn around and tell everyone to fuck off. "Why not?"

Maybe I want to get totally hammered, and then go on a purity quest. Maybe I want to be totally chaste, and then find a Woman that unleashes my wild frontiers. "Why not?"

Maybe I want to be a conservative-prudish-quaker, and then just completely jump off into the world of latex and alternative life-styles.

Why limit yourself to the total sum of the experiences you could have? Life is not this zero-sum game where you have to play (so-to-speak) a life-role one certain way. Hell, if we were all the same and acted in one-way, what type of boring ass world would that be? We would not have movies, music, or any other form of entertainment. The same applies to who you are in the world, and, behind closed doors. Or, the way you are with friends and family as opposed to your companion.

We are entirely to vast and complex as human creatures (well some of us), just to live a mono-toned, one-dimensional life. Carl Jung spoke of the Archetype, and we are filled to the brim with those Archetypes.

I say, change, experiment, and diversify. Explore the limits of who you are, what you can do, and, what you can become. As long as what you do isn't hurting yourself or others, "Why not?"

We are all going to live once so far as anyone really knows, so, "Why not?"