Wednesday, October 22, 2014

St. of Holy Tears - A Prayer for my Gothic-World-Family.

My Holy Goth Family, I pray that you will have life ever-lasting and eternal.

I pray for you without ceasing. I will intercede for you into forever.

May all your words, actions, and deeds be blessed of the highest and the holiest.

May your splendor and radiance shine unto the Lights Eternal.

May all your pain be perished and your pleasure unending.

I pray you always be loved, have strength of spirit, and energy of your will of Life.

I pray you find life beyond transition and find Life Eternal.

My Holy Goth Family, I bless you in the Holiest of the Holiest Names.

May these tears wash you and make you as infinite purity and Love.

So May it Be.

I Love you.