Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gothicly Depressed

Hmm, never thought it would happen -Gothic Depression. Seriously. What are the chances of being a Goth, and, being depressed. I'd say the chances are as good as standing in front of an on-coming bus, and getting turned into a black puddle of eye-liner.

So, what happened. I don't know. I'm still trying to figure it out. Since I am on this list-kick and shit, I'll put some down real fast as they roll out of my mouth as I type (How gay sounding was that? I'm not even gay.).

1) I realized that my wardrobe has a higher ratio of bright-colors to basic black.

2) Where I live, the rednecks, gangsters, and normal people will beat you down (verbally or physically) with anything they can. Sure, I can fight back. At some point, neither I nor Gothic Bruce Lee can take on a large drunken mob.

3) It really seems to be a waste of time to paint both of my eyes black. Don't get me wrong -there is a time and a place for everything. I realized that after it runs (or gets faded) everyone keeps asking me if I'm sick, or, if I got my ass kicked.

4) The signs on most gas-stations (small stores) say,"No shirt, No shoes, No service." Oddly enough, I have found places that seem to have an "invisible-sign" that says, "If you look like a Goth, expect to have these three things happen to you: get splashed with Holy-Water, have a large double-barreled shotgun pointed at you, the foreign person behind the counter will be more confused about how you look than understanding your American version of English." (Whew)

5) If you live out west, people will complain that you are "white" and not "orange"(spray-tan). If you live down south (Bible-belt), you will always be considered the "Anti-Christ"(A lost, pasty soul that needs to be spade, neutered, and saved.). If you live up North........well, I don't know what happens up North(everyone is pasty and white up there, I think.). If you live out East, um, you basically fit in with the rest of the hard, cold, souless..........um, well, you know what I mean.

6) I am not anti-feminist or whatever. But, shit, Goth has seen the male-ranks drop faster than black-lace panties, at a lesbian "all you can eat feast".

7) If modern stars at the top of the entertainment world are going to use and abuse Goth, shouldn't Goths be allowed the same credibility??? I know, I know -the answer is always going to be no. As if teeny-bopped flicks, soft-core-mainstream-erotica, and cute little CGI outlets is all Goth is ever going to be good for (fuck).

8) You know, there are times I just wished Goth would revert all the way back to the "Gothic-Barbarian-Days". No shit. This way we could get things strait, our strengths figured out, and real individualism out in the open and re-claim the Gothic Throne. No shit. Right now, it's just a Gothic-cluster-free-for-fuck-for-all.

9) I know it has always been this way, but hanging out with many modern "Gothic-Groups" is like hanging out with the girls from the movie "Mean Girls". Notice I didn't say anything about guys, because at some point, Goth has become so Androgynous (I have no problem with that), the girls and the guys all look the same.

10) So yea, I'm Gothicly Depressed. That is probably the most gothic thing that I have done today. Shit. Now I have to deal with fucking Emos and Punks too -great. That's fucking wonderful.