Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me" (Who knew?)

Um, I can't say that I always endorse polls - (jebus, that didn't sound right). But, it is interesting to see how others might see you through their lens -if you will. So, I stepped over to Quizfarm.com, and took a couple of polls (egad, that still doesn't sound right). Just look under "What type of Goth are you?"

Hmm, why am I not surprised?

You know, I never would have thunk it!?!? But, I don't know, I guess it makes sense.

Well, what can I say, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me" 

So, I guess I have learned that I am an extremely nerdy rivet head who enjoys BDSM.

Wow. I will never be the same again, LMFAO!

Oh well, live and.....well, you know the rest.

Goth Underground - A cursory glance at three top social networks.

Since my last article, "Goth Worth and Value", I decided to look at some of the sites that my interview-ees told me about. It was difficult to find any information about the list of 100+ sites. It basically came down to three sites: Gothic.net, Vampire Freaks, and Vampire Rave. I would have included other sites, but many of them had no information that made them of any "realistic significance online". At best, a majority of them were piece-meal operations, thrown together by those who had no real concept of web design, or social net work hosting. Of these three sites that I looked at, from set-up, design, and form/function -it was apparent why they have the best numbers and online presence. But, let us look at the info.

Looking at Gothic.net, we see the site is predominantly male. This is somewhat striking as Vampire Freaks is the opposite with the number of female users, while Vampire Rave seems to be "exclusively female". What is very striking is such a high percentage of users with "no college", and a mixed group of demographics similar to Vampire Rave. 

Vampire Freaks seems to cater directly to the 18-24, with users accessing from up to 4 locations (including the cell phone -not listed). What seems to be odd is that some of the users have children to a degree more than the other sites(?). My haunch is that some of these users might not want to post that on their profiles as it might reduce opportunity for gameful relations. But obviously, there is a wider audience for Vampire Freaks than the other two sites. 

Vampire Rave seems to show users accessing the site from work, almost exclusively(?). I'm not sure if I entirely believe that. It shows a strong mix between ages. The 18-24 group is almost 1/2 times stronger than the 25-34 users group.

Gothic.net was a visually appealing site really. It seemed to primarily operate as an ad repository for commercial media entertainment, with a slight disadvantage in the social networking area. The social ranking system did not merit any noticeable attention. The postives of this network consisted of updates in the markets of movies, television, and literature. Only users living in America would fully benefit by this system.

Vampire Freaks had an underground, yet modern interface. The primary focuses seemed to be music, party networking, and a strong emphasis on music and video. It ranked high in social network interaction. The social ranking system was dynamic, based upon user interaction, with a surprising, but unrealistic reward system put into place. Only users living in New York (America)would fully benefit from this network.

Vampire Rave, from the beginning it was obvious that it was a underground specialty site. This was noted by the database of vampire information. The interface was functional but minimalist in nature. It had an excellent ranking system, compelling users to be responsible for their accounts. The rewards were that of enhanced user interface, and rank (surprising). Only users who are disciplined, and interested in aiding, and in adding information to a vampire database would benefit from the network, and who live in America.

My Gothic Bedroom picks

So, decided to look at a few styles of Gothic bedrooms that were realistically attainable for the average Goth. Now granted, I don't have a few hundred-grand to buy and furnish an entirely new boudoir. At best, I looked at a handful of pictures that would either give you an ideal, or, would be easily to duplicate.

www.digsdigs.com actually has a really good collection. You should check them out.

Gothic bedroom design modern

www.homeimprovguide.com This site had a really nice, yet functional collection. 
They also give advice on set-up, 
and where to get what you might need.

ext.homedepot.com I wouldn't say everything on this site is
 "Gothic-styled", but it has enough 
of the basics for you to mix and match to taste. 

denoxa.com This site was mostly luxury design, but really, if you pay attention 
to the detail and composition, 
you can emulate these designs on a much lower budget.

denoxa.com I was really impressed with the arrangements, and some of the 
cutting edge designs.

www.iseecubed.com Talk about covering all the bases. The site itself wasn't overloaded,
 kept the 
categories simple and functional.

axsoris.com Fantasy and aesthetics mainly composed this site. Kind of looked like a 
designers page for hire. Not bad though.

House Home Gothic Bedroom Ideas Black And White Bedroom Picture

10 black and white
 designs that play well for Goth.

childs bedroom

set of arrangements,
 textures, and materials. 
Other than picking your own colors, they got it going on.

Designbedroom on The Beauty Of Japanese Interior Design Is That You Can Create

is a site worth
 visiting for 
bedroom design ideas. Check it out.