Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Worth of Goth - Revisited

One million meditations do not always give the right or best answers. Although, there comes a time when the 'being' moves past the 'Gateless Barrier'.

Exploring the 'self (ego)' is a practice of ageless wisdom. To understand what it is and means to be 'Goth' might also imply understanding the filters of perception through-which we come to transcend ourselves, and the world.

Our reality consists of an infinite amount of paths. Our reality consists of whatever we are -if such exists-, then perhaps, an awakening of our 'awareness'. Goth has been something comparable to 'Buddhist' paths of realization or awakening. For one, awareness of the impermanence of life. Couple this with the fact that many learned Goths understand the 'bones of vanity', the 'fleeting moments of now-ness'.

Any path can lead however such as the ego compels it so forward. But, for the Goth, which road should one take? Is it the 'ego of expression', the 'Gothic cult of personality', or 'the doubtful rebellious path of rebellion?' To each and their own I suppose. But, to 'own an ego of Goth'?

Many are the tools we use to sharpen the wit, to smooth the stone, and reflect there-upon the creature of whatever it is that we are. Goth, a million roads - to that of light, darkness, or becoming more than the Ghost in the Shell?

To know thine-self is knowledge, and for those who follow a Goth Path - perhaps a greater understanding of the ego? What is Goth? A self-defined creation of filters, a lens of perception, a collection of attributions reflective of what the individual ego is capable of grasping?

Maybe, Goth is a reflection of the sides of 'human-reality' that isn't always acknowledged. From seedling Goth to well-cured Goth-Lived-Artisan, perhaps it is valid to say this is one more way of transcending the self.

All paths in life are indeed as different as they are the same, but, is it the life you lead, or that of which you are led?

I believe Goth is one more instrument of self-reality used by many to elucidate their sense of self and ego. A tool by which a being learns more about themselves. A sense of awareness that shapes the very filters of perception as to how one might perceive and interact with the egos sense of reality.

'A being stood before the world'
'A being chose to become Goth'
'A being walked the path of Goth'
'A being transcended the path and became Goth'
'A being became aware and left all paths behind'

Goth, it is the great nothing through which the person transforms itself beyond the means of realization.

I found Goth, I transcended Goth, I left Goth.