Monday, July 8, 2013

Gothic Literature History - Timeline 1

Source: http://www.mesacc.edu/~jerol76351/235/

Friday, July 5, 2013

Song to the Siren - To the edge, and falling over

Planet of the Lone Goth


EXT. Planet of the Lone Goth - eternal night - establishing -- NIGHT

A painted silhouette stands looking back at the normal world.

So, this is what it feels like to be alone.

Hands touching invisibly across the distance, as if to touch the normal world so far away.

For I would say I have a life, but, I recognize impermanence.

One hand held before the face, its lines a reminder of change.

To the edge, and falling over...I know I will never go back.

Falling over the edge of a huge crack, LONE GOTH falls inside the planet, becoming a seed. The crack closes. Then, the planet pulses, and disappears.


Milk - Session 2: Obsession

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Top Mens Gothic Fashion - Collection 1

These are some of my picks. As long as you can mix or match -or, at least create something within approximation, you will be fine. Goth is more than face paint and accessories. It can be a highly fashionable state of self expression.

Diversity of Goth Girls

 I think all of these girls are beautiful in their own ways. To be unique is to be beautiful.

Milk - Session 1: Obsession

white girl nobody knows what that shit is HD Wallpaper

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gothic Characterization - Me I guess

Since I have been posting on Goth in the Shell, a couple people asked me to do an "About me" post. I never thought about it because GITS was more or less a place for me to gather Goth related stuff that I liked and contemplated. This isn't going to be an expose' or anything so don't get your hopes up(lol).

Life and love are two of the most important virtues of Goth. Music, style, fashion, literature -these things matter the least to me when it comes to Goth. It's just a way of life and a mind-set.

Intelligence is something many Goths pride themselves on, but, I've never thought of myself as being very bright. Mainly I say this when I take into account how many people have told me I am stupid over the years.

The only thing I have consistently done in my life is "be myself". Outside of that, I have gone through the same life-obstacles and set-backs many have.

I love to write. I really suck at it, and have made terrible grades in English, barely getting better in college. The only thing I ever thought was important about writing was whether you were understood. I'm blunt most of the time, but not so much that everything is cynical, sarcastic, or hurts someone. Granted, there are times I get angry (my bullshit alarm goes off), and yea, I've been known to get into some heated arguments.

It has been said that "everyone lies". You know, I believe I missed that "obvious truth of life". The consequences of being truthful and straightforward (in this world) can cause problems.

If I'm wrong, I admit to it. And, I apologize when I feel it is really merited. I may be an asshole sometimes but I'm not a total jerk-wad.

Most of the things I write about come directly from "real life". I'm not good at story-writing, although I'm signing up for some classes to improve my English and story skills. The unfortunate side is that I have had a few experiences that I am glad the majority have not.

I'm not super-creative, or spontaneous, but do have a lay-mans sense of humor. For the most part I'm pretty boring. I like to read, write, and drink, and smoke. Um, that and watch movies and television.

Never been a ladies man, have absolutely no sex appeal, and have been told that I look better in the dark.

I don't get all dressed up to be Goth. Shoes, a T-shirt, and some pants work fine. About the only times I will get dressed up is if I'm going out to dinner, a movie, or a special get together with friends.

My favorite music is my own music (not egotistical or anything). But, when I'm working on my own music I try not to listen to anyone else because I feel that can influence you away from originality. I like all kinds of music, even non-Goth music (go ahead and sue me).

I'm single. I've only been in one or two serious relationships in my life. People come and go, but, that is life. I thought about traditional marriage before but as times have changed, so have quality people with non-bullshit lives and goals. I like weird girls -or, I guess I mean the type of girls that don't look like every other popular standard of how a girl is supposed to look. I especially like "intelligent weird passionate girls". Girls that are beautiful because they took the road less traveled, and found their own sense of beauty.

I believe we live in a fucked up world, with bad authority figures, and piss-poor standards of living. All of these things could be better.

My college English teacher told me that, "You are tormented. You see the world the way it is, and the way it could be." That was the most enlightening truth that anyone had ever told me in my life.

The simple life is my favorite type of life. I can't stand people who make their lives so damn complicated and drama filled that they forgot what the fuck was up with living life.

It's strange for me to see people with great educations and opportunities, and for some reason, they always fuck it off for some bullshit. Sort of like if you have a Ph.D. in rocket science then, you decide to get a job as a garbage collector.

Um, what else. Oh! I like to drink (beer or whiskey, fuck wine). And I smoke (leave it up to you to figure that one out).

Most of the people I knew who "might have been Goth" eventually grew out of it. So, in my little area on this chunk of dirt and earth, I am an anomaly. A lone Goth in a poor unknown wasteland.

Think I'm to the point that if I could leave America, and start my life over somewhere else in the world, I would in a heartbeat. So, I guess I need to find a foreign woman to marry (any takers?).

But yea, thats me.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gothicly Depressed

Hmm, never thought it would happen -Gothic Depression. Seriously. What are the chances of being a Goth, and, being depressed. I'd say the chances are as good as standing in front of an on-coming bus, and getting turned into a black puddle of eye-liner.

So, what happened. I don't know. I'm still trying to figure it out. Since I am on this list-kick and shit, I'll put some down real fast as they roll out of my mouth as I type (How gay sounding was that? I'm not even gay.).

1) I realized that my wardrobe has a higher ratio of bright-colors to basic black.

2) Where I live, the rednecks, gangsters, and normal people will beat you down (verbally or physically) with anything they can. Sure, I can fight back. At some point, neither I nor Gothic Bruce Lee can take on a large drunken mob.

3) It really seems to be a waste of time to paint both of my eyes black. Don't get me wrong -there is a time and a place for everything. I realized that after it runs (or gets faded) everyone keeps asking me if I'm sick, or, if I got my ass kicked.

4) The signs on most gas-stations (small stores) say,"No shirt, No shoes, No service." Oddly enough, I have found places that seem to have an "invisible-sign" that says, "If you look like a Goth, expect to have these three things happen to you: get splashed with Holy-Water, have a large double-barreled shotgun pointed at you, the foreign person behind the counter will be more confused about how you look than understanding your American version of English." (Whew)

5) If you live out west, people will complain that you are "white" and not "orange"(spray-tan). If you live down south (Bible-belt), you will always be considered the "Anti-Christ"(A lost, pasty soul that needs to be spade, neutered, and saved.). If you live up North........well, I don't know what happens up North(everyone is pasty and white up there, I think.). If you live out East, um, you basically fit in with the rest of the hard, cold, souless..........um, well, you know what I mean.

6) I am not anti-feminist or whatever. But, shit, Goth has seen the male-ranks drop faster than black-lace panties, at a lesbian "all you can eat feast".

7) If modern stars at the top of the entertainment world are going to use and abuse Goth, shouldn't Goths be allowed the same credibility??? I know, I know -the answer is always going to be no. As if teeny-bopped flicks, soft-core-mainstream-erotica, and cute little CGI outlets is all Goth is ever going to be good for (fuck).

8) You know, there are times I just wished Goth would revert all the way back to the "Gothic-Barbarian-Days". No shit. This way we could get things strait, our strengths figured out, and real individualism out in the open and re-claim the Gothic Throne. No shit. Right now, it's just a Gothic-cluster-free-for-fuck-for-all.

9) I know it has always been this way, but hanging out with many modern "Gothic-Groups" is like hanging out with the girls from the movie "Mean Girls". Notice I didn't say anything about guys, because at some point, Goth has become so Androgynous (I have no problem with that), the girls and the guys all look the same.

10) So yea, I'm Gothicly Depressed. That is probably the most gothic thing that I have done today. Shit. Now I have to deal with fucking Emos and Punks too -great. That's fucking wonderful.