Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Modern Goths Ben-dover, roll-over, play-dead, Yay!

Modern Entertainment Industry Using and Abusing Goth and Underground Culture.

Or, are there a few among us that are selling us out to make a quick buck? I have no problems with people in the culture benefiting by what they do, that enhances and grows the culture. And, if you can make it a life career because you offer a real legitimate service to your own kind, that is "A-fucking ok by me".

"Dollar, dollar bill ya'll?" < R U Fucking kidding me?

Is it just me, or has there been an over-whelming amount of stars from the top side, coming on down (so to speak)? It really is no secret that some of the best fashions, styles of music, and other tricks and techniques usually bubble up to the surface, because someone either stole the idea, or sold-out the culture that it came from. No shit.

A large majority of pop, rap, and even country stars seem to be jumping on the Gothic band-wagon. I mean, really, I guess it's ok, come on in and sit by the Iron Maiden, while I pitch a fire, right?

And what about "Fifty Shades of Grey"???? Ok, to me that is just strait up double soft erotic literature. Really, when was it ever ok (even by our knowledge and standards) that the status quo now wants a slice, or maybe even a little taste?

I don't see me, you, or one of our kind giving lessons in underground culture at the local gym or normal social gathering. You don't usually see free BDSM class flyers right next to Yoga, or knitting or some shit.

Hell, you can't find any networks for underground subculture without it being a front for either money-grubbers, Law-enforcement, or psychologists of all fucking people.

Seriously, most people don't know how a majority of the most popular Gothic, BDSM, Vampire, and other subcultures of online social networking sites are a front, created by the people you not only least expect, but don't want to expect (Word to the Wise).

Well, just fuck me softly and call me Sally. With over 100+ years of underground erotica and literature, how come out of bum-fuck no-where does a book (Fifty Shades of Grey) like this just pops out and becomes a "world best seller"?

I don't see any major political group or religious activists stepping up and saying, "Damn this perversion of Satan to hell!!!" But lo and behold, if it was one of us, a Goth with real alternative life style literature, we would be fucking crucified at the judicial and politically correct societal stake~! (My god that was a fucking mouthful!)

If it was a piece of literature directly from our world and culture, any of us could see serious judicial or social trouble. What is it about all of the fucking double standards? It's ok as long as we call it entertainment, but if it's a real culture, life style, and people really do certain shit - the norms say, "Off with their heads!" And what is really hypocritical is that they go back to their politically correct elitist house-holds, and are doing the same exact dirty shit people have been doing since the ancient days of "bum-fuck-too".

For years, movies and literature have literally sucked the Gothic underground culture dry. And no, I'm not saying it is all bad either. But, the fact of the matter remains.

Are we the stereo-type that has become entirely "game" for any given star to make another quick buck off of? Shit, most artists in our underground can't get along unless they are either fucking or getting high together, so what the fuck is the real deal?

The only other thing I wonder about is that, we as a Gothic culture are not recognized politically, or even as a race, or a demographic. We are basically lump-summed together, made fodder for any screwed up research study, or some really shitty lower than B budget special on a documentary channel.

What the fuck is up and what the fuck is really going on?

Lately, I have been making attempts to reach out to other sites and people. Most of the sites don't reply back, or so many wacked out people have disturbed them so horribly, they don't want to answer any questions.

It's as if we have the best tool for communications (da interwebsz), but fucked if someone at least doesn't just write back and say,"Hi, nice to write you, fuck you, and just fuck off!" I mean, hey, that would at least be a start, right? I think so.

So, are we really that screwed in the dead-pooch (ug, disgusting). From Kesha, to Kanye, to Jay-Z, to even Taylor Swift wearing Gothic attire. I don't know, maybe we should allow them in right? What do you think? Most of our culture is totally shameless anyway. So, we could assimilate them, right??????

What the fuck is going on???????????????

Am I being to selfish just to want my own culture and people?

I know, I know, it's the great American Shame game, and I should just be fucking ashamed of myself, right? Right.