Monday, August 7, 2017

How to Prepare for Death

A simple primer for learning how to die the right way.

(Might add more to this)

As one who has had a "near-death-experience" I think you should consider these things.

Depending on your religious, philosophical, ideology, or general perception of life will directly shape your perceptions at your time of death.

If you are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Native, Wiccan; The "way" you believe will be how your interpretation of the transition will happen.

The way you live your life, or worship, or pray, or meditate is all apart of that "pre-trip experience."

So, how do you prepare for this? During my "near-death experience," much of what I had studied in many areas of the "esoteric occult" and "parts" of many religions came to my awareness during the experience.

The way you think, what you were doing, and the type of "state" that you "are in" at that very moment have direct impacts upon the transition.

I suggest reading: "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" not as a religion but as a "technical science manual". Also, the "Egyptian Book of the Dead" in a similar fashion.

When people speak of the "Light" that they see is a "high energy gateway" if you will. Now, if you are scared, intensely evil, attached to materialism -you can cause your "energy form" to get stuck. You could wind up in Limbo between worlds. You might go to a perceptual state of "hell" if you are evil so-to-speak. Or depending on your pure energy form, you might go to a certain frequency of what "you might interpret" as Heaven. Of course, there are infinite varieties of "states of existence". This might include "transmigration" if that is what you believe in.

Study "Astral Travel" -not for the stupid "new ager" movement and all the other modern-day garbage, but for the theory. Same for "Remote Viewing". The idea is that in your "energy form" (Thy Will Be Done), basically your "will-force" is how you will "move, exist, travel, ascend" so-to-speak.

This sounds "Inception-ish" but get your self a "perception state reality device". This could be a watch, a compass, a top -something you can manipulate. Like if you are awake the dream rules may or may not apply. So, when you are awake, get in the habit of checking your device. Bend it, make it move, make it do something that it is not supposed to do. If it does something, then you know you are in another state. This applies to getting into the habit of "lucid dreaming". This is all practice for the "death-transitions."

When the time comes, surround yourself with good people, in a good place, and keep "elevated positive thoughts in your mind." Think of yourself as "high in energy, positive in thought."

At the moment when it occurs, you will find yourself between worlds. When the "Light or Energy Gate" appears, do not hesitate. Go directly into, through, or what have you. In addition, your life, knowledge, and perception will directly affect what you see at that time. Keep that in mind.

Let go of materialism and this world. It will cause you pain if you look back and think you are losing anything. You may find yourself transitioned into a state lesser than what you may deserve.

The "greater the level of Peace and Happiness" you have and are surrounded by at the time of your transition will make the experience less painful.

My current "perception state reality device" : Lensatic Compass

My Mantra for transition: "Into the Light".
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