Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Apple (Computers/Technology) and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Commercials

So, I happened to be watching TV - a sin I know- and I saw an “Apple” and a “Kentucky Fried Chicken” commercial. They both used “Goth” as the “character stereoptype” for their ads.

The Apple commercial used a carbon copy stereotype thought to be Goth. The person used the word “hate”, was all doom and gloom, and basically sold their product on the stereotype. Basically, I felt it was cold, one step away from racism (if you believe Goth to be a race), ignorant, and intentionally defaming of Goths.

I don't "hate" anyone or anything. I'm not the stereotype or all "doom and gloom".

The Kentucky Fried Chicken did basically the same as the Apple Commercial. The commercial painted Goths as “stupid, white, chicken-eating Goths." Oh, and we "so love commercialism" !

I still see it in Movies, on TV, and in every commercial and internet flavor you can think of.

My personal ideology as a Goth tells me to be “indifferent”, “ignore it”, and even “laugh at it.” But, how long do you laugh and they think it is ok to do what they do.

Stereotyping can also be understood as racism, consolidation, tropism, qualifying/quantifying -whatever.

Not sure what else to say other than, “I don’t like it. I’m not as offended as I am let down.” If they will do it to the Goths, then of course they will do it to all.

I don’t have much else for this post. Actually, I feel terribly let down, hurt, and wonder about what they have done.

You know, I have never thought of “Goth/s” as a joke, or stereotype. Goths to me are beautiful, the last of the Great Fringe Children, the only kind of people who ever really accepted me for me.

Goth is the last way of life that many people turn to because all others turned them away. But it seems the world in general thinks of Goth as a joke, and perhaps, even less than dirt.

If it were any other “race, culture, society of people,” I’m sure their commercials might not have been taken the same way, let alone accepted.

I guess making fun of and using Goth’s is easy for the powers that be. Just like all the bullies I have ever faced.

Besides, I can't afford Apple Computer Products or Kentucky Fried Chicken anyway.

I’m hurt.

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