Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 13, 2017 Reflections

“What is mind? No matter.
What is matter? Never mind.”

Enter the Stasis: Without Mind, Without Movement, Without Matter.

Into the Reflecting Chamber - The Quickening Spark of Infinite Space; Formless

To perceive without perception, to remotely travel without motion, to exist without existing, IAUMNI.

Sentient in life, Sentient in mind, Sentient beyond?

In order to become as like unto the highest, I first became as chaos as unto like the lowest.

Before I knew I was a thing, the thing I was as a void amorphous.

Through each state ascending and descending as if undulating granulations of vibrating particulates.

When I became as the grosser-materialistic solidifications, thus this thing upon this path exists.

From the original seven of center, I went forth in six directions, in all geometries, in all permutations, in all verse, in all inverse, in all sets, all in all, nothing in nothing - OM.

Walking in the Universal Garden, I paused below the Infinite Eye of Many Trees, listening to Songs of Singing Threads; When pools of stars gathered in my galaxies, I incarnated upon many planes, Eye from Macro to Micro to see you.

Now, I will say strange things to you. Let us sit upon silk pillows, as Nag Sativa Champa burns, while flute birds sing shape songs, golden waters filling us with pleasant glowing ambience.

Let us prepare a bubble-space of virtual interface.

It has been a long time for me in the war of life. We are our own greatest opponent. I know this to be true. Is it the nothing, the egg, the shell, the ghost? Is it the root, cause, effect, the temporal, the transient?

We must be careful to see that we confuse not our existence with the battlefield. It is true that we could enjoin the battle, although we know the inevitable, why move your volition towards unfruitful endeavor?

Perception can be a dangerous thing. We can program, perceive, and think in a multitude of ways. This is why I feel it is important to discern between the “applicability and reality” of thought. Of course, if you are not taught, or are aware of how the thing known as the “mind” works, endless are the realities -illusions- that the mind is capable of spinning.

Our life is like one non-stop, constant program, ever-changing without our “immediate awareness” of this process of experience. Without stepping through and understanding each “life-code” of our life experience, it is often that we are subject to endless “variables” that we execute through “fluidic root causality.” It is possible to mistake our lives for “infinite series of loops” without realizing the web of intricate patterns.

In some ways, struggling in a non-stop internal battle has effects on your life that are hard to deal with. I do sincerely and truthfully believe that the true battle and war of life we fight “is on the inside.” It can be hard to understand until you have been over the edge so many times that absolutely nothing makes sense anymore. But what is it that we really are? Do things that know they are things really things at all?

The continuous pain of walking through an illusionary desert pursuing endless shadows, apparitions, and illusions leaves ones bones bleached and white-washed, finally atomized into dust particles. Existence itself can become a greedy, selfish form, brutally devouring it’s own head and tail. Whoever said, “The shadow of the ego-soul is not unlike a multi-incarnating dragon of immeasurable power?” Are not transient ghosts empty? Perhaps we are smaller expressions of a “fractal machine god” far above quantum coloring books.

Lately, I’ve been reading more in my Buddhist studies. The Buddha never said he was “creating or preaching religion.” All the Buddha was doing -like many other wise people across the ages- was teaching a way for a person to “Know Themselves.” Buddhism is more-or-less a “science of mind,” not religion.

Carl Jung once stated a caution towards embracing any archetype as to become a thing leads astray a entirely uncertain form of servitude of desire and craving. Perhaps to seek to become anything is not the way. Religions are more or less composites of archetypes, polymorphic story programs, and lesser patterns of effect produced by greater energetic chains

I have always had an aversion to what I feel is not strongly true, sincere, or without grander purpose. This is why I often have a disdain for religion, philosophy, and politics. Their popular forms feel empty, hollow, and without anything “that is the true way.” I don’t know if there is “a way” other than doing your best to stumble through the endless darkness, looking for a spark, sincerely wishing for sublime illumination. Naivety and innocence become the food-stuffs the material darkness feeds upon and only ever is it too late to understand we have been digested through entropy, our particles formed into permutations.

Read, read, read. Write, write, write. I feel like I’m constantly looking for answers where there are none. Everyday is one more step towards an uncertain madness where you ultimately lose it all. The danger in aspiring unto an extremity is to invite attack of every opposite, equal, and unknown quality. If the mind perceives this way, does to reframe it make it any less different from the temporal impermanence it is? For every equation an opposite and equal formulation abstracting into infinite sets of undetermined conditional sequences far exceeding our minds present cognition.

I think about “milk and honey,” and all the “meat“ I found is tainted, rotten, and spoiled. In my experience, that state of life -milk and honey- does not exist. I look for that utopian and perhaps transcendent release from a life that feels like an endlessly tormented joke where there are no laughs, only screaming and crying.

The world does not relish weakness, emotion, or even humanity. So, I have to be careful that “denial” and other “false mind-forms” do not infect the state of my being any more than I have already been compromised. Strings in a space only share sympathetic resonance when the intervallic tunings mirror.

Somewhere, I read that “your purity” can not be “changed or tainted” unless you choose to allow it. Only so far in and so far much can I agree with that, although I do strongly agree with the premise. Of course, the programming of a “self or ego” can lead to equations of thought eliciting suffering due to the inherent substance of the design.

Organized religion, Religious Hustlers, Cultic Nut-jobs - I do not like the stereotypical status-quo idea peddlers of belief. The only thing I know is to live, experience something real, and learn from it. Wishfully, let not the lower be an entirely correct reflection of the higher, due to the distortion of lesser perception.

The more I ponder what has been my life, I feel this infinite, never-ending sadness. Contemplating my short and fleeting life has led me to meditate upon all the moments and people that I can remember. It hurts so bad to swallow and breathe. The truth in your heart knows that, “You would gladly trade the universe to experience it all again.” The ‘heart” philosophically one more mind form leading astray?

It has been said, “Seek not the Siddhis, Seek not the Power, Seek not the Eye.” Understandably, from an elevated existence, to see all forms of suffering can invite a “sadness equal in scope to suffering.”

I don’t know that I agree with “popular Ethics and Morality” as they are generally dictated by those with the most “money, power, and political influence.” Nothing is black and white and all shared ideas become more abstracted as they are passed on and interpreted semantically from one person to the next.

Several past nights, I have tossed and turned to the point of exhaustion thinking of everyone I have known or…lost. One year, Seven years, Ten years, One person, Seven people, Twenty people;  a handful of years and so many people have passed by that, I do question how weak my awareness has been too inadequate to remember them all. To much sleep and unawareness can lead one to live to long in a dream.

Often, I balance the “confession of Knowing Thyself” with that of “negative confession” against the scales of the heart and feather. Order and Chaos, a binary struggle, bound by the same threads.

I read somewhere that life is both “Comedy and Tragedy” in which we are made to feel painful, bliss-laden madness. Comedy is the false deception of the mind where Tragedy is the false deception of the body.

It sounds classically cliché that, “Life is but a Dream.” All of these tears, this warm stream down my face, the people, the places, the memories. What is the worth, the wonder, the meaning?

Upon my right-side I lay down, cradle head in palm, and maintain stasis -perceiving many worlds and many sentient beings.

Constantly, there are these moments that I try to replay in my head repeatedly. At times, it feels as if it is a torture to remember happiness, to remember peace, to remember…love. It is through so much attachment that ego existing mind attempts to grasp the reflection.

The agony and ecstasy of what it means to live is like the difference between walking the razors edge and that of passively laying in a fancy upholstered coffin. I feel like I have been locked-up inside the “box of an extremely limited, sequestered, and isolated life.”

I wonder what it is like to “live life outside the box?”

Infinite Geometries are awaiting for you. Open your palm and I shall place glittering star-dust there. When the wind begins to move, can you count the number of brilliant lights I have given you?

So many sentient beings, so many worlds, so many possibilities. Choose Wisely.

Om Mani Padme Hum

“One single thought that arises in this invisible mind can even save or destroy the
world. One such thought can either populate or depopulate a whole country. It is mind that creates one’s heaven. It is mind that creates one’s hell.”
Pg. 553 The Buddha and his Teachings

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

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