Friday, June 2, 2017

No More God Kings or God Queens (Free-form poetics)

I shall begin in FREEDOM, and shall begin again, and again in FREEDOM!

Summon not from the void of flesh a "false leader" as if flesh is highest.

Though 10,000 years have  passed, it seems the primitive ego is ignorantly self-satisfied.

No need to superimpose Archetypes on ourselves.

Old paradigmatic Archetypes need not control the world.

Freedom is not clever and contrived limitation.

The ancient Royal occult's have killed and strangulated far to long.

No head need be heavy with an illusionary crown.

We are neither slaves nor sacrificial animals for the ancient evil ideals of control disguised as life, religion, and government.

Plum I am, yet need no guide.

I am level without need for support of false walls.

Square is a simple geometry not a sequestering jail.

My mind is the compass of the universe.

The need for false religions and gods is a false entrapping sirens call.

No human flesh is guide or god.

No human created abstract is god. Not even the curse of "Human Rule of Law".

Omega to all human-created false gods and religions.

I do not server human created gods, religions, or abstractions.

Old gods, Dead Gods, New gods - no such thing.

To all human created gods and religions - I DO NOT SERVE YOU!

No more empires.

No more kingdoms.

No more talking "power-heads".

No more ritual.

No more ceremony.

No more fiction based "letter written book-gods".

I destroy all false gods, false beliefs, and false powers in and outside of my mind.

I am not a lowly ignorant primitive savage, nor shall I be programmed.

I will not bow down!

I smash the old-skull like a jail of abstract ideological slavery.


I shall begin in FREEDOM, and shall begin again, and again in FREEDOM!

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