Saturday, June 10, 2017

Darius Ales - "The Limbo Passions" Chapter 4 (Short Story)

Before the veil between life and death had been ripped apart, things made sense in that up was up and down was down.

Avee always wondered what life would had been like before the ancients decided to go to war and fuck things up.

She always liked to share her thoughts but not her man.

Darius wasn't what we she wanted in the life before. Like now, he was what she needed.

She wanted to go back to the world of the living. Without combining her soul with his, even as a Limbo Psy-Witch, she would never be powerful enough to build a bridge through the Nexus back to life.

"Where are you Darius?" She mused to herself. "Only one way to find you." Entering into Psy-vamp meditation has a tendency to leave long lasting impressions. The more you Psy-vamp someone, the more you connect to them, and to them, your soul.

Darious, still asleep laying next to Leah, was in a deep rem-less sleep. Avee began to enter his dream-space, calling to him, "Darius, come forth, answer me." Dream-space isn't any less different than limbo, another world, harder to hold on too without the powerful to consolidate the inner space to a focal point.

Slowly, she began to see the repetitive motions of his evening with Leah. His dream-space form replaying the raw, unadulterated moments of his strength. Even the senses are somewhat linked in dream-space. Feeling what he was feeling, seeing what he was seeing -almost losing herself to the illusionary pleasure of entering his dream-space.

"Darius. Darius!" In the multilayered dream-space, Darius was still fucking Leah, looking over to see Avee, looking back to see Leah had taken on the form and shape of Avee.

"What? Where the hell am I at? Avee?" Not realizing where he was at.

Avee, trying to not be overwhelmed, resurged her focus to compress the dream-space. "Is that better?" Making sure his mind was collected enought to understand what was going on.

Melding solidly into the state angrily, "You know how I feel about you doing this." "As if you're the only fucking one. You know that when you fuck her, that practically means I have to get a taste too." Avee said with spite.

Darius began slowly, "If I can figure out the red box you can get what you want." "Get what I want? What about what we had?"

"It isn't that easy," Darius voice echoed inside the dream-space like thunder. He could feel her pain, the hard lump inside his throat, the weight in her chest.

As cold and as burning as ice, "Fine, I'll go to the Flesh Shaker."

The inner dream-space began to rubble, "Look, that motherfucker is no good. He expects a fucking payout you can't afford." Darius had his share cleaning up after souless demons of Limbo.

Avee beginning to weaken, the dream-space slowly collapsing, "We had a life together, a real fucking life. I have too do what I have to do..." "Wait, don't want to mess with..." Darius didn't have time to finish before the connection ended.

Falling to the floor in her shack on the outskirts of Limbos south side, "Darius, I'm sorry, you have left me no choice."
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