Saturday, June 10, 2017

Darius Ales - "The Limbo Passions" Chapter 3 (Short Story)

Chapter: Double Spin Trouble

Standard issue Reaper Wagon -what a piece of shit ride to have cruising across town. Limbo is like the wicked step-child of Sin City. Darius didn't mind roaming the Limbo beat, reaping illegal souls, an ice chest of Corona on demand in the back seat.

Leah lived at the corner of "fuck me now and I'll kill you later." Hardly an epic romance of nothing more than whips and chains of endless pains. That's alright he thought. "She fucks like an animal." He couldn't help but think of Avee as if he were trapped between the thighs of two extremely addictive sets of pain.

Street bums loitered outside Leah's build which looked more like the Tower of Hell.

Rolling up with rubber burnt authority and a shitty muffler blast, he parked on the curb, stopping with the spike laden bumper right up to the face of a drunken bum. Stepping out and looking around he activated the plastic explosive car theft system.

"Hey buddy, you gotta a credit?" the bum drunkenly laughed. Darius looked at the man, the smell of shit and alcohol wafting in the air. "Here, here's five credits. Get the fuck out of here."

The bum laughed, "Cheap bastered, you reapers are all the same." Darius chuckled, "Another time old man, another time."

Rico-coo and old 1920's broken plaster lined the dirty and dilapidated insides. With all the credits Leah makes on the soul-trade, he wondered why she didn't live in the less shittier side of town. Although, it would be anyone's guess which end of limbo was worth a fuck.

Shutting the steal elevator cage door behind him, he pushed the 29 level floor. He didn't exactly feel safe going up so high in the death trap that would obviously lead him into another death trap.

Ding ding, sounded the floor chime. Before he had the chance to hit the door the third time, Leah opened up the door, half naked, obviously high on soul-spin -sex, drugs, dirty industrial music.

"Bout time you showed up. Thought I was going to have to fuck myself." She handed him a mirror lined with soul-spin. He took three hard snorts and psychedelic visions began to happen.

Already on the bed, laced in flaming red latex, strobe light and black satin sheets. Looking at her, for a moment, he thought he saw Avee and shook his head. He took the mirror and snorted a couple more lines.

Standing at the edge of the bed, she unbuckled his pants and began to give him the blow job of his life. Breathing hard, and beginning to sweat, he ripped his shirt off, and pushed her back on the bed.

"Come on," she said quickly, "Come on I want you to fuck me NOW!"

He was so high, he completely let loose. Grabbing her, he flipped her over, doggy style, and began ramming her so hard the entire bed hit the wall knocking off plaster.

"Yes, Yes, Yes ---screamss." Leah was a hotter mess in her own bed than in work in Limbo.

Hours later, they lay in the bed. He couldn't stop thinking about Avee. Didn't matter as he and Leah were to fucked up to care. The red box, the Nexus -there has to be a way out.
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